Cuesta College’s superintendent/president works with an eleven-member cabinet to facilitate the mission of the San Luis Obispo County Community College District.

Dr. Gilbert H. Stork, Superintendent/President

Mr. Daniel Troy, Assistant Superintendent/Vice President, Administrative Services

Dr. Deborah Wulff,  Assistant Superintendent/Vice President, Academic Affairs

Ms. Sandee McLaughlin, Assistant Superintendent/Vice President, Student Services & College Centers

Ms. Melissa Richerson, Assistant Superintendent/Vice President, Human Resources & Labor Relations

Ms. Shannon Hill, Executive Director, Advancement/Foundation

Mr. Keith Stearns, Executive Director, Information Systems and Technology

Mr. Michael Jacobs, Interim Dean of Academic Affairs, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Dr. Jason Curtis, Dean of Academic Affairs, Sciences and Mathematics

Dr. John Cascamo, Dean of Academic Affairs, Workforce & Economic Development

Ms. Catherine Riedstra, Dean, Student Services

Dr. Maria Escobedo, Dean, North County Campus & South County Center


Organizational Chart (PDF)

Academic Affairs
Organizational Chart (PDF)

Administrative Services
Organizational Chart (PDF)

Student Services
Organizational Chart (PDF)


Last updated: 5/31//2016