April 7, 2014 

Dear Colleagues,

Over the last year and a half the college has been working on its 2014 Comprehensive Self Evaluation accreditation report.   Many of you have been a part of developing this document and the responses to the standards and other elements reflects all of your hard work.

Since the first draft of this report was sent out last month to different committees, it has been reviewed by Dr. Eva Conrad. We now have the latest draft  available on the Accreditation Webpage:  http://www.cuesta.edu/aboutcc/documents/accreditation/plans/self_eval_draft_4_3_14.pdf. This draft has been reworked based on Dr. Conrad's feedback and the review and refinement of evidence.  This latest draft will begin going through our governance structure following the timeline below. We encourage you to read all or parts and give any feedback you might have to your representatives on these committees.


Accreditation Steering Committee  April 7, 14 and 28
Academic Senate                                              April 11 and May 2 (off schedule meeting)
Planning and Budget April 15
College Council April 29 (off schedule meeting)


We understand that this timeline is tight, but this document needs to be approved by the Board of Trustees on May 7 so it can be sent to the printers May 16 and then mailed to ACCJC on June 9.

Thank you again for all your hard work and feedback. The light at the end of the accreditation tunnel is quickly approaching.



Deb and Kevin

Deborah Wulff
Vice President Academic Affairs
Cuesta College 
805 546-3122


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