Dear Colleagues,

It has been an honor to work with all of you this academic year. This year has marked many highs and some lows for the Cuesta community, and as my last official email for the 2012-2013 academic year, I thought I would give a brief summary our accomplishments.   

In the beginning of fall 2012, we

  • Implemented a new integrated planning model, manual, five-year integrated planning calendar, and the 2012-2014 strategic plan. 

  • Reviewed, edited fourteen drafts and finally submitted a 189-page show cause report as well as a closure report to ACCJC. 

  • Implemented pilot group for SharePoint. Next semester we will be working on getting all campus committees to utilize SharePoint.

  • Held campus-wide Accreditation and Integrated Planning trainings to include the Accreditation Cougar Quick notes and the Integrated Planning Model t-shirts.

  • Hosted a six- member ACCJC visiting team on campus for two days who interviewed about 25 members of our campus community.

  • Reached 100% efficiency in Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment.  What a college-wide effort!

  • Proposed to the Board of Trustees, which approved a Long Term Budget Reduction Plan to cut another 1.5 million dollars.  Prop 30 passed and we only had to cut $1.5 million.  The results took a toll on our community with program eliminations and modifications.  

In January, we started the arduous process of developing our 2014 comprehensive self evaluation.  Forty members of the college community volunteered to be on teams with many others pitching in as experts, or answering many, many questions. In spring 2013, we also:

  • Received notice that the college was removed from the show cause sanction.  All the hard work paid off.

  • Served as a resource for other colleges placed on show cause. 

  • Supported Greg and Sally, our excellent SLOA coordinators, who presented at an ACCJC workshop Cuesta as a model institution for course, program and institutional learning outcomes, analysis and assessment.

  • Supported the incredible amount of work accomplished by the Technology Resource Instructors and the Distance Ed committee to be in compliance.

  • Approved the college's first governance handbook, a great resource for all of us.

  • Developed a new mission statement, which was vetted not only through our governance process but many of you laid the basis in a college wide workshop and had an opportunity for college wide feedback. 

  • Surveyed our students’ engagement, which we had not completed since 2007.  The results will help us with our action steps in our next strategic plan.  Thank you for the many who sacrificed fifty minutes out of their class time.

  • Assessed our planning processes.

  • Enlarged our vocabularies with added new words and acronyms: ADTs, CIDs, Sharepoint, dashboard and Scorecard.

  • We have approved 4 ADTs and 14 others have been submitted to the Chancellor's Office.  Thanks to much hard work we will meet the Chancellor's mandates.  

Finally, we celebrated 50 years of our history and laid the foundation for the 50 years to come.  Throughout many projects during this academic year we continued to do what we do best, help our students achieve their educational goals.  As we head into commencement, celebrate that we are gradating 682 students with

  • 839 associate degrees

  • 665certificates of achievement

  • 253 certificates of specialization

We continued to celebrate many successes of our students in Skills USA, athletics, arts, music and individual departments celebrating academic achievement with student recognition, awards and/or scholarships.

All in all what a year!  Congratulations on all the work you have accomplished, and I look forward to seeing you at graduation to celebrate our students’ accomplishments. 

Enjoy your summer,

Deborah Wulff
Vice-President Academic Affairs
Cuesta College
805 546-3122