September 7, 2012

Dear Colleagues,

We are getting close to when our reports are due to ACCJC. Currently all three reports, Show Cause, Closure, and the Status Report of Student Learning Outcomes are making their way through various committees for feedback and input. These reports will continue to be vetted for the next couple weeks until final review and approval by the Board of Trustees in October.  You can access the current drafts on the Accreditation website.  

This week ACCJC informed us that we will have a five member team coming to campus for a two day visit in late October or early November.  We do not yet know the names of who the team members will be, but we do know that the team will consist of experts in the different areas we are on sanction for. 

We have also been notified by ACCJC that we are one of the community colleges identified in the 2012 Annual Financial Report to receive more in-depth analysis by the Financial Reviewers at ACCJC. The Annual Financial Report allows ACCJC to monitor the fiscal condition of colleges in accordance with federal requirements and to enable the Commission to identify colleges that are at potential financial risk.  ACCJC’s fiscal analysis includes data from the current year and a comparison of data from the 2010 and 2011 Annual Fiscal reports to assess changes in colleges’ financial condition.  Factors that were used to identify levels of potential risk include ending balances, reserves, enrollment decreases, default rates on Federal Student Loans, audit reports, and other financial information. The Financial Reviewers will analyze identified college’s related documents and reports that have been submitted to the Commission and give a report to the commission at its January 2013 meeting regarding recommendations (if any) for all the identified colleges in the 2012 Annual Financial Report. Being identified as requiring more financial review from ACCJC should not be surprising, since one of our recommendations of our show cause sanction is financial stability. 

In preparing for our visit in November, we will be putting together some quick fact sheets of the key points for each of the recommendations so we are all speaking the same language. We will work on getting these out to the campus community as soon as possible.  Also, any new information we receive from ACCJC we will share with you. 

In the mean time, keep up the good work and maintain a positive attitude. Cuesta College is, and will remain, a quality institution that provides excellent teaching, learning, and services to its students. 


Kevin and Deb

Deborah Wulff
Dean of Academic Affairs
Cuesta College 
805 546-3125