September 12, 2012

Dear Faculty, Staff and Management,

This past week, we have learned that the benchmark for proficiency has been established as 100% for courses, certificates, degrees and programs by our accrediting commission (ACCJC).  ACCJC has stated that any college lower than 100% proficiency will likely get an automatic sanction.  Given this news, we are determined that Cuesta will meet the benchmark of 100% proficiency. 

As we have stated, everyone has done a tremendous amount of work in the past few months to bring our certificate, degree, and program proficiency to nearly 100%. We have just a few certificates and areas left to go which we hope to have at proficiency in the next couple weeks.  Thanks again to everyone for your efforts in getting the college to this point. This is an amazing display of what our faculty and staff can do!

The next step in meeting the 100% benchmark is to ensure that ALL our courses are at the proficiency level.  As with programs, this means that course-level assessments are in place, that assessment data has been analyzed, and that CPAS documents exist for those courses on your division's group (G:) drive.

The 100% proficiency applies to ALL courses offered in a regular rotation (not just courses being offered this semester).  The district has decided that 193 (special topics) and 247 (independent studies) courses are not part of a regular rotation, and therefore can be ignored on the SLO tracking forms that are due to the Institutional Research Office by September 19th.

What can you do to help?

    1. Discuss the assessment plans and CPAS documents with faculty in your program, and make sure course CPAS documents exist on your G: drive for EVERY course
    2. Label the course CPAS files in the following format:  4 letter course abbreviation _course number_CPAS (e.g. ENGL_201A_CPAS; ENGL_201B_CPAS; ENGL_201C_CPAS; and so on).
    3. Review the course CPAS documents already on your G: drive to make sure they contain analysis of assessment data.
    4. Review ALL course and program CPAS documents (including those already on your G: drive) to make sure they look professional and are well written.  Our expectation is the visiting team will submit a random list of courses and programs to be reviewed and evaluated to make sure they meet proficiency level. 
    5. If you have courses that you know do not have course-level assessments in place and/or the assessment data has not been analyzed contact Greg Baxley and/or Sally Demarest immediately for assistance. 
    6. Help your division chair in completing the SLO tracking forms.

These are due to the Institutional Research Office by September 19th.       

Again, if your courses aren't at the proficient level, and you need help getting there, please contact Greg Baxley or Sally Demarest

Course-level SLO assessment workshops are schedule on the following dates:        

We are nearing the finish line. However, with only one month left before our College Proficiency Report is due, we need to make sure that ALL our courses are at 100% proficiency. We will leave no course behind :-). 

Thank you in advance for your continued work and attention to this matter.



Deb and Kevin


Deborah Wulff
Dean of Academic Affairs
Cuesta College 
805 546-3125