October 15, 2012


The Show Cause, Closure, and Status Report on Student Learning Outcomes
Implementation 2012 Reports have been submitted to ACCJC and members of
the visiting team.  Yeah!!!!  This gives us the ability to demonstrate
our accomplishments and how we meet the Standards, Policies and
Eligibility Requirements mandated by ACCJC.

We wanted to extend our thanks to everyone for attending the
accreditation highlights and accomplishments forum last Wednesday.  We
had a great turnout and it was nice to review all the outstanding work
the college has done in addressing the recommendations. If we were
unable to attend the forum, the PowerPoint presentation and documents
highlighting what the district has accomplished and implemented in
relationship to Recommendations 2, 6, 7, and Eligibility Requirement 19
are available on the Accreditation Web Site:

The forum was also video taped and a copy is available for you to view
on the website:

Now for your test :-). A blank Integration Planning Model is attached.
Please print this out, share with your colleagues and see if you can
fill in all the blanks with the appropriate elements. If you are
uncertain what goes where you can view SLOCCCD's Integration Planning
Model in the Integration Planning Manual on the Accreditation Web Site.

For your interest, attached is the cover letter and external evaluation
team roster for the Show Cause Visit to Cuesta College on October 29th
and 30th that we received from ACCJC. More information about the
evaluation team members and the visit at the end of October will be
forthcoming from the President's office.

Lastly, this will be our last update message. Our attention will now
shift to working with those who will be interviewed by the visiting team
members. In the meantime, please look over our Show Cause report and the
accomplishments and highlighting documents.

Following our visit, our attention will focus on beginning our 2014
Comprehensive Self Evaluation. As an FYI, you may be contacted by a
Standard Co-chair to assist in putting together a summary and evaluation
of the district's work in relationship to the accreditation standards.
If there is an area or standard that you are particularly interested in,
let us know and we will forward your name to the appropriate

In signing off, we would like to again express our sincere gratitude
and thanks for all the support, assistance, and work everyone has done
over the last eight months. This is not anything Kevin and I could have
done alone. You should all take pride and know you are appreciated for
your role in continuing and improving the excellence of San Luis Obispo
County Community College District, Cuesta College.


Deb and Kevin 


Deborah Wulff
Dean of Academic Affairs
Cuesta College 
805 546-3125