Dec. 11, 2012

Dear Colleagues,

We wanted to send out one last accreditation update message before the end of the Fall semester. 

As you know, the team that came to visit us at the end of October was very impressed with the work the institution has accomplished and was very complimentary of the noticeable change in the institution's culture and the seriousness by which the college has embraced accreditation. We know we've thanked you all before, but we wanted to express our thanks and gratitude once again. This outcome would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of all of you. 

We did want to remind everyone though that a likely outcome of the Accrediting Commission's decision in January, 2013 will be to keep Cuesta on some level of sanction until we can demonstrate that we have completed a complete cycle of our Integrated Planning Model. If this is the case, we should all be proud of our accomplishments (particularly, given the alternative) take the decision as a positive sign that we are moving in the right direction. Dr. Stork, Board President, Pat Mullen (possibly),and both of us will be attending ACCJC's January meeting to show the college's commitment to the work the institution has accomplished and is continuing to follow.

Lastly, we are beginning work on our 2014 Compressive Self Evaluation. Yes, the work of accreditation is never over :-). Attached is the list of co-chairs who will be facilitating the work on the different accreditation Standards, Policies and Eligibility Requirements. These individuals may be contacting you to ask for your assistance in working on a standard or sub-standard. We strongly encourage your assistance with this work to whatever extent possible. If there is a particular standard you are interested in, you are welcome to contact one of the co-chairs or one of us and express your interest. Enjoy the holidays and we wish you all a safe, happy, and restful winter break!


Deborah Wulff
Dean of Academic Affairs
Cuesta College 
805 546-3125

Deb and Kevin