Cuesta College Accreditation Update

February 10, 2014

Superintendent/President Gil Stork

I am extremely pleased to share with you the action announced by the accreditation commission to reaffirm our accreditation status.

The Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC), the regional accrediting agency that evaluates two-year colleges in California, took action to

remove Cuesta College from warning status and reaffirm our accreditation. We received notification that the Commission affirmed that Cuesta College has provided evidence that it is now in full compliance with all accreditation standards. According to the Commission's letter, dated February 7, "The Commission commends Cuesta College on the depth and quality of the continuous quality improvement processes now in place...Congratulations to all."

In February of 2013, the ACCJC placed Cuesta College on warning, the least severe level of sanction. In October of 2013, the college submitted a follow-up report  to the Commission. An evaluation team visited the campus a month later, and in January of 2014, the 19-member Commission met to decide whether the 'warning' status would be lifted.  The answer, as we found out in February, was a resounding 'yes'.

The visiting team's Follow-Up Team Report stated: "It is the opinion of the team that the administrators, faculty, staff, students, and supporting community of  Cuesta College have engineered a remarkable turnaround that is astonishing in its breadth and depth. To create a cultural shift of this magnitude in an institution the size of Cuesta College is a remarkable feat and should be applauded."

I cannot say enough about the commitment of our faculty, staff, administration,  students, and Board of Trustees to work together to ensure Cuesta's place at the center of excellence.

As we have for the past fifty years, Cuesta College will continue to serve the educational needs of all residents of San Luis Obispo County with the level of excellence that you deserve and have come to expect.  I can truly say that I am honored to have been given the opportunity to be president of a college community that cares so deeply about its mission to serve the needs of our students.


Dr. Gil Stork

Dr. Stork signature

Dr. Gilbert H. Stork, Superintendent/President

Accreditation Press conference Watch the Cuesta College 2014 accreditation press conference, Feb. 10, 2014