Trustee Board President, Patrick MullenBoard Vice President

Patrick Mullen
Provisional Appointment 2005
Elected to Office: 2006
Current Term: 2014-2018
District 3


Trustee Board Vice President, Angela Mitchell Trustee

Angela Mitchell
Elected to Office: 2000
Current Term: 2016-2020
District 1




Trustee, Mary StrobridgeTrustee

Mary Strobridge
Elected to Office: 2016
Current Term: 2016-2020
District 5



Trustee, Dr. Barbara GeorgeBoard President

Dr. Barbara George
Elected to Office: 2012
Current Term: 2016-2020
District 2



Trustee, Charlotte Alexander


Pete Sysak
Elected to Office: 2014
Current Term: 2014-2018
District 4




student trustee Student Trustee

Michael Constable
Term: 2016-2017
Academic Year









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