The Cuesta College Board of Trustees voted to approve a $2.9 million budget reduction plan for the 2011-2012 academic year at Wednesday’s board meeting, resulting in permanent assignment reductions, reduced workloads and position eliminations for approximately 120 employees.

As of July 1, a total of 43 nonteaching positions will have their hours reduced, six positions will be eliminated and approximately 70 part-time faculty will have their class loads reduced or eliminated. In addition, six unfilled positions will undergo a hiring freeze until further notice.

“This is the worst financial situation Cuesta College has faced in several decades,” said Superintendent/President Dr. Gil Stork. “My goal is to keep as many people as possible employed and as many students as possible in the classroom.”

The Board of Trustees also approved a voluntary pay decrease for Cuesta College’s president and three vice presidents of 5 percent each.

Cuesta College will still need to cut $1.275 million dollars from its budget in the upcoming months, which will result in further operational and personnel reductions.

“The college is changing out of necessity,” Dr. Stork said. “We are not the same institution we were even a year ago, but we will persevere. We will continue to serve our students and do our best to help them achieve their academic goals.”

A complete list of the nonteaching position reductions and eliminations can be found on pages 28-33 of the May board packet at the following link:

Released May 11, 2011