PG&E has donated $25,000 to Cuesta College as part of their Student Success grant program. The money has been divided between three student success-oriented programs at the college that directly benefit students in need: Bridge to Success, SkillsUSA and Cuesta’s Assistance for Student Emergencies (CASE).

The intent of the grant money is to provide opportunities for low-income and underrepresented students to help them earn an education and/or training in their chosen field.

Bridge to Success is a 5-week, summer program for local, at-risk high school students. Students chosen to participate in the program complete a regimen of course-work, group activities and work-readiness internships at various departments on campus.

One of the persistent group activities is installing and maintaining a sustainable garden on Cuesta’s San Luis Obispo campus. PG&E dedicated $11,000 of the total money to assist this project.

SKillsUSA is a non-profit partnership of students, teachers and industry professionals working together to teach current high school and college students skills in trade, technical and skilled service occupations. The program includes local, state and national competitions that allow students to demonstrate their occupational and leadership skills. Cuesta College students consistently place at the national competition each year.

The CASE Fund awards temporary financial assistance to students when they are unable to pay for essential expenses due to an emergency situation. These needs may include books fees, a car-repair bill or temporary child care that is essential to the student completing their academic goals. PG&E donated $5,000 of the grant to the CASE Fund to be awarded on an as-needed basis by the Cuesta College Foundation.

Released Oct. 27, 2011