Cuesta College announces the establishment of the first endowed division chair at Cuesta College, “The Ada Irving ‘Caring for Nursing’ Division Chair.’” The chair contributes to student success by funding a permanent position via revenue from the Ada Irving Nursing Endowment Fund. This support continually ensures the faculty position, even in challenging economic times, and is the first endowment created to establish a faculty chair at Cuesta College, and the second in the history of the California Community College system.

“We feel a tremendous amount of fulfillment and appreciation knowing that this essential position will be here no matter what,” said Nursing and Allied Health Director Marcia Scott. “This position is crucial to ensuring that our program stays current in the nursing industry, which in turn guarantees that our faculty are teaching the most up-to-date practices and information, and in turn means our students will be the best of the best in the nursing field.”

The late Ada Callahan Irving, a registered nurse for more than 70 years, Cambria resident and longtime supporter of Cuesta College, provided a generous donation through the college’s foundation in 1991 when she set up the Ada Irving Nursing Endowment Fund. Her intent was to provide the upmost caring for students who were preparing to go into the field of nursing; the trust from the estate has fulfilled this wish via annual gifts to the college since that time. Irving passed away in 1999 and today the Estate of Mrs. Ada S. Irving trust is valued at over $1 million.

The endowment agreement has two parts: the first was fulfilled in 1996 with the naming of the Human Development and Nursing building in her honor. The second part of the endowment states that when the annual gifts to the college from the trust reaches a level which can support the position of a nursing division chair, that position be named in honor of Ada’s continued life-long support of Cuesta College.

“Ada was extraordinarily forward-thinking; her love for Cuesta was so deep that she wanted to ensure our students would be supported for all time,” said current Cuesta College Board of Trustees member Barbara George, who served as director of the college’s foundation when the endowment was established. “I am so thrilled that this has come to fruition and it is another example of Cuesta College being a premier institution.”

The college commemorated the gift with a plaque in the Allied Health and Nursing building.

Lauren Milbourne / / (805) 546-3108 / Posted: 7/31/13