A recently commissioned independent survey of voters in the San Luis Obispo County Community College District shows that residents within the District strongly support Cuesta College’s affordable education and job training/workforce preparation programs. Furthermore, the survey--conducted October 17th through October 22nd by the highly respected opinion research firm of FM3 Research--shows as much as 69% of respondents would support a local funding measure to improve and upgrade the College—keeping all such funding local--in November 2014, well above the 55% threshold needed for passage. The findings were presented to the District’s Board of Trustees at a meeting on December 4, 2013.

“The cost of attending public universities in California continues to rise and is now six times that of community colleges,” said Cuesta College Superintendent/President Gilbert H. Stork. “More local students and their families are relying on Cuesta College to earn college credits, certifications, and job skills at a reasonable price.”

“Repairs and upgrades at our local community college campuses are needed to support vital educational and job-training programs and ensure Cuesta College remains a strong, educational resource for future generations,” added Dr. Stork.

Key educational priorities of interest to respondents include preparing students and returning veterans for universities and good-paying jobs; improving and maintaining nursing and paramedic education programs, improving and maintaining agricultural trades, automotive technology, and other technical and career education programs; and, providing career technical education in early childhood education, welding, construction, engineering, technology and architecture.

“Cuesta College provides essential job training and workforce preparation for students of all ages,” said Dr. Stork. “Additional funds would support and upgrade sites that support nursing, paramedic, automotive, agriculture trades, and law enforcement programs, among others.”

“Cuesta College serves an especially important role in our communities in training and educating 911 emergency first-responders including paramedics, nurses, nurses’ aides, emergency medical responders and other healthcare professionals,” added Dr. Stork. “All of these are programs highly valued by our community.”

The District will be considering the results of the survey and continuing to work with the community, faculty and key stakeholders over the coming weeks to address Cuesta College’s facility needs and how best to continue to address these priorities into the future.

Lauren Milbourne / (805) 546-3108 / Lauren_milbourne@cuesta.edu / Posted: 12/5/13