On-the-job Work Experience courses continue to be offered (they were not part of eliminated programs). These courses, WEXP 151L and 252L, provide an excellent opportunity to learn and improve specific career related skills, general job skills and vital interpersonal skills. Students may earn .5 to 3.5 units of college credit without weekly classes to attend. This is an ideal option for students with heavy course and/or workloads.

Most Cuesta students need to work while in college. Rather than just earning a paycheck, participating in Work Experience helps students link what they are learning in the classroom to the knowledge and skills they are developing in the workplace. Students report numerous added benefits of participation: promotions, wage increases, better job prospects, increased job satisfaction, improved workplace relationships and communication, and much more. Interns and volunteers also earn valuable work experience and exposure to career fields that might be otherwise unavailable.

Participants must have either a paid or unpaid position (full or part-time job, internship or volunteer placement) to take the course. Students working on or off-campus through Work Study and many Cuesta College employees are usually eligible to participate. Students will need to get an add code as of the first day of the semester. For more information about the Work Experience program see Get Credit for Working or contact the Work Experience coordinator at 546-3204. Students looking for jobs should check out Career Connections and the online job database.

Jay Thompson | (805) 546-3100, ext. 2636 | Email: jay_thompson@cuesta.edu | Posted Jan. 22, 2013