Frequently Asked Questions About Measure L

Q: What is Measure L?

A: On July 29, the Cuesta College Board of Trustees voted unanimously to place Measure L – the Cuesta College Affordable Education, Job Training and Campus Repair Measure – on the November 4, 2014 ballot to repair and update college facilities to ensure quality, affordable education and job training for local students and veterans. With the cost of attending California’s public universities now more than six times that of attending a community college, more local students and their families are relying on Cuesta College. Measure L ensures opportunities for local students to earn college credits, certifications, and job skills at a reasonable price.

Q: How does Measure L impact job training?

A: Cuesta College provides essential job training and workforce preparation for students of all ages.  Many of our area’s 9-1-1 emergency first-responders are educated here, and Measure L will enable Cuesta College to continue playing a vital role in keeping our communities healthy and safe by training and educating our area’s paramedics, nurses, emergency medical responders and other healthcare professionals.

Additionally, Measure L upgrades facilities for training in automotive technology, agriculture trades, early childhood education, law enforcement, welding, construction, engineering, technology and architecture, among others.

Q: Will Measure L address veterans’ needs? 

A: Our community is home to the California National Guard’s Headquarters at Camp San Luis Obispo and the California Military Academy, and our region has a strong tradition of supporting our veterans. Measure L will improve access for disabled students and expand job-placement facilities to assist veterans in re-entering the civilian workforce.

Q: What educational needs and priorities will Measure L address?

A: If adopted by voters, Measure L will address:

  • Preparing returning veterans and local students for universities and good-paying jobs
  • Providing career technical education in early childhood education, welding, construction, engineering, technology and architecture
  • Improving and maintaining nursing and paramedic/9-1-1 emergency medical training programs
  • Fixing deteriorating buildings, aging classrooms, leaking roofs and faulty electrical systems that lead to power outages and canceled classes

Q: What does Measure L cost, and is there accountability?

A: Measure L is a $275 million education bond. It includes strict accountability requirements including a Citizens' Oversight Committee and independent annual financial performance audits to ensure Measure L funds are spent only on voter authorized projects.

  • By law, the Citizens’ Oversight Committee must include, among others, representation of a bona fide Taxpayers’ Association, a Business Organization, and a Senior Citizens’ Organization.
  • No Measure L funds can go toward administrator salaries or pensions and all funds will be used locally.

Q: How can I get more information?

A: For more Measure L information, visit If you have any specific questions feel free to contact Vice President Administrative Services Toni Sommer by phone at (805) 546-3120 or by email at