Life Skills Classes

In collaboration with Department of Social Services, Cuesta College, and YESS-CA:

ILP Life Skills Class

These classes provide individuals with skills to function effectively in the work place, school and community. Topics covered in these classes include education, employment, communication, community living, self esteem, daily living skills, financial planning and decision making skills.

  • Transportation and dinner is provided.
  • Earn High School and/or College Credit for participating.
  • To sign up contact your ILP caseworker or call 788-2808.



YESS is designed to empower youth to successfully transition into adulthood. Topics of discussion include daily life skills, employment, education and financial literacy. Sessions are held in a group setting and participation is critical to the success of the program. Find us on Facebook! SLO Independent Living Program (ILP).

To sign up contact your ILP caseworker or call 788-2809.



Scholarship Night

Want to get paid to go to college? A few hours of work could mean a few thousand dollars that you'll never have to pay back. There are tons of scholarships out there unique to your situation, and we have the information. Join us to develop your personal statement, complete the FAFSA, and learn about scholarships you are eligible for.

Employment Night

Finding a job can be tough, but you have a team at ILP eager to help. Explore different career options in the fields of your interest; learn helpful strategies for finding and maintaining a job. We will be attending the W.I.A. local youth job fair and explore job opportunities.

Awards Night

You've worked hard this year and it's time for recognition! ILP would like to show our appreciation of your time and commitment over the past year. Come for an evening of food, awards, dancing, and entertainment.

Taking it to the Streets

There's no better way to find out about your community resources than to learn by doing. This is your chance to visit all the local places you need to know about: the DMV, property management sites, family planning and mental health clinics, banks, the transit center and more.


As of January 1, 2012 eligible youth have the option of receiving continued foster care benefits and support until the age of 21. Attend ILP's informational meeting to learn details, financial planning, and housing options.

Money Matters

No matter who you are, money management matters. Find out all about bank accounts, budgeting, earning potential, financial principles and much more at our financial literacy workshop.


Moving out? We can help you find a new housing situation. Come to hear about different housing options, how to apply for a new place, and about local resources for rental and financial assistance.

Fix-It City

Join ILP for Fix-It City where you will receive instructions from professionals in the community, and then hands-on practice, on how to repair things that commonly need fixing in your home.

ILP Involvement Opportunities

ILP will provide transportation but space is limited so sign up ASAP. Check the ILP classes and events calendar for updates. You must RSVP a week before the first class of each session!

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