Youth Permanency

The San Luis Obispo Department of Social Services and the Independent Living Program (ILP) recognize the importance of long term and meaningful adult connections in the lives of the youth they serve. It is the Department's belief that every foster youth deserves a permanent attachment to a caring and trusted adult who is committed to a life long relationship with that child.

What is Permanency?

Permanency is both a process and a result. It includes involvement of the youth as a participant or leader in defining for themselves what permanency means and in finding a permanent connection with at least one committed adult who provides:

  • A safe, stable and secure parenting relationship
  • Love
  • Unconditional commitment
  • Lifelong support in the context of reunification, a legal adoption, or guardianship where possible

And in which the youth has the opportunity to maintain contacts with important persons including brothers and sisters. A broad array of individualized permanency options exist; reunification and adoption are an important two, among many that may be appropriate. *

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10 Things a Permanent Connection Can Mean

1. Knowing that someone cares
2. Someone who is always there for you
3. Knowing someone is proud of your accomplishments
4. Celebrating special times together
5. Someone to call "just because"
6. Someone to call in time of crises
7. Someone you can trust who will help you in a time of need
8. Someone who helps you reach your full potential
9. Being accepted no matter what
10. Having someone who stands by you

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