The Cuesta Sustainability Resource Center Internship Program provides students with a variety of experiences and knowledge that will create an awareness, understanding, and appreciation for the important roll that sustainability plays in our economy, environment, and society.

Interns engage in a variety of technical, practical, and educational experiences that promote  sustainability “best practices” in K-12 teaching, community programs, technology, and business.  Interns may work directly within the Cuesta Sustainability Resource Center or may work directly with local organizations and businesses to promote and develop sustainability.


Interns may assist in varying degrees for:

  • K-12
    • Preparing equipment and materials
    • In-the-classroom teaching and facilitating K-12 sustainability education
    • Assisting with workshops and training workshop setup and cleanup
    • Developing new educational resources, displays and curriculum
  • Community & Business
    • Creating and distributing promotional materials
    • Assisting with local sustainability businesses such as conducting checklist audits, communication via phone and email to businesses seeking certification, and other appropriate activities needed for the green business program
    • Developing and delivering community education presentations on subjects such as demand reduction, energy efficiency upgrades, and available resources in sustainability and clean energy.
  • Center operations
    • Performing direct mailings and email blasts
    • Helping to write press releases
    • Social media networking to promote events, workshops, etc.
    • Helping to keep website current
    • Administrative/ office support (data and file management, photocopying, etc.)
    • Customer service (answering phones, responding to inquiries, and resolving problems)
    • Attending various weekly meetings



Cuesta Sustainability Resource Center Interns will take part in a variety of Center operations and educational trainings related to learning and teaching sustainability concepts and best practices.   During these experiences interns will establish important contacts within the community, local business sector, and county/city government, many of which may lead to future employment.  For example, interns may work within local sustainability related business and gain valuable on-the-job experience.   All students who complete their internships will receive a letter of appreciation and completion from Cuesta College.  This certificate will be useful for future employment.  In sum, interns will develop skills and acquire knowledge to become effective leaders and professionals that champion sustainability in their work and lives.



Interns will be expected to provide at least 10 hours/week/semester of their time to work as part of the Cuesta Sustainability Resource Center and will sign an Internship Agreement Form.  Interns are expected to promote sustainability practices across the campus, community, and business sector.   Interns will be expected to develop a work plan and work closely with the director to assure that goals are being met.   Interns will be expected to attend weekly meetings and put in a portion of their time on-site at the Center.   Interns must submit weekly reflective summary report as well as a final internship report which their reflect on their overall sustainability experience, how well they met their goals, accomplishments, what you would do differently, and suggest needs for future projects, etc



Training and orientation for all interns, to be held at the Cuesta Sustainability Resource Center, is required of all new interns.    During this time, interns will learn about the Center’s priorities, programs, activities, events, and what constitutes “best practices” in educational sustainability. 


We are seeking dynamic, organized and enthusiastic persons with a keen interest in educational sustainability.  We expect interns to maintain high standards, take ownership and pride in responsibilities and respectfully represent the CSRC in manner and appearance at all times. These interns will be highly depended upon and should come in with focused career goals.  Some event planning and/or volunteer coordination experience is beneficial. Multitasking and detail management is a large part of the responsibilities. We expect interns to be self-motivated, thorough and professional with little supervision. We also seek interns who are flexible, energetic, comfortable sitting at a computer for long periods of time as well as in front of various groups of people. They would be able to manage a broad diversity of challenges simultaneously. A good sense of humour, positive and enthusiastic attitude, and willingness to learn are essential attributes of prospective interns. These interns need to be in good physical condition, able to lift 50 pounds consistently, have their own cell phone and dependable vehicle (car or truck), and be comfortable working outdoors in hot or cold weather. While training will be provided in all areas as necessary, prerequisite/preferred qualifications include:

  • General knowledge of sustainability concepts which apply to our economy, society, and environment.
  • California teaching certification and/or classroom teaching experience
  • Knowledge of, and experience in, computer internet systems and programs – including online registration and tracking systems, Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook etc.
  • Knowledge of, and experience in social media and search engine optimization
  • Knowledge in basic gardening, natural building, permaculture, and animal care
  • Marketing and direct promotion experience
  • Graphic design experience
  • Customer service and administrative experience
  • Time management and organizational skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to work with changing priorities as needed
  • Ability to be self-motivated and follow through on projects with little supervision
  • A passion for gardening, natural building, permaculture, animal care, and natural building systems.
  • Ability to have fun and remain flexible while maintaining organization and attention to detail.
  • Event planning and volunteer coordination experience

We are looking for adventurous people who can balance work and play, are very flexible and have positive attitudes about life and work, and are committed to moving toward a sustainable society, economy, and environment.


Any Cuesta College student is eligible to apply for internship.  Students with an interest in sustainability-related careers, community activities, and sustainability education are strongly preferred.