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The following list includes resources that will help teach sustainability in the K-12 classroom. Please pardon the exhaustive list, we will update it according to specific learning objectives as time permits.

This list will continue to evolve, so please come back!

Resources Index (headings expanded upon below):

  • K-12 topics
    • Energy
    • Water
    • Agriculture/Food
    • Climate Issues
    • Waste/Recyling
    • Transportation
    • Curriculum: All Topics
    • Energy Related Science Fair
    • Energy Related Family Science Night
    • Grants
  • Community topics
    • Being Green at college
    • Being Green at home
    • Being Green at your business
    • Energy Education and training
    • Associations, organization and schools

K-12: Energy

Concord Consortium. 2013. Design and Build a Solar House. Students build their custom house with freeware, print out plans and build physical model.
U.S.Department of Energy. K-12 Lesson Plans. Downloadable lessons by grade and by Energy topic.
California Energy Commission. 2009. Over 40 energy K-12 based projects.
Bicycle Generator w/ construction plans. 2009. Walks through each component that can be purchased to build this example of kinetic energy turned into electricity, with and without a battery.


K-12: Water

Needed are water conservation & watershed lessons!!!
Gippsland Water. 2010. Teacher Resources. Australia specific website, but has water K-12 curriculum that covers all core subject content.
NOAA. 2014. Lesson Plan Library. Comprehensive ocean science lesson plans.
Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences. 2014. Water Lesson Plans. Full lesson plans for K-12.
California Water Service Co. 2014. Yearly water challenge. Curriculum provided for grades 4-6, but can be used to model any water curriculum.
Water Cycle: University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR). Includes directions for making an inexpensive shoe-box sized in-class water cycle simulation model. This could be created to merely illustrate the cycle, or else have students build their own.
Water Cycle:One Water. 2013. Simulation 2, specifically, includes a 3 minute video on how to model evaporation, condensation and precipitation using hot water, 3 cups, ice, tape & food coloring.
Water cycle: UAF Geographical Institute. 2008. The Water Cycle game: Follow the path of a water drop. Included are all printouts.

K-12: Agriculture

Clement, Haley. 2013. Agricultural Chemistry. Full Unit, Lesson Plans, and Assignments for entire school year.

K-12: Climate Issues

Center for Educational Technologies. 2012. Project Based Learning (PBL) lessons for global climate change scenarios.
California Environmental Protection Agency. (n.d.). Climate Curriculum Resources.Organized by grade and includes climate related curriculum. (3/27/15)

K-12: Waste/Recycling

Recycling Educational Programs
Fun...the Green Way! Solid waste district
R E C Y C L E Lesson Plans
Recycling Educational Programs
Recycling Lesson Plans
Teacher Lesson Plans Recycling
Welcome to Recycle City Recycle City U.S. EPA

Keep California Beautiful. 2014. Recycling Challenge.

K-12: Transportation

Alternative Fuel Vehicles

K-12: Curriculum: All topics

ASU Global Institute of Sustainability. 2014. Sustainability based lesson plans for energy, water, food, waste, landscape, quality of life and supply chain.
Museum of Science. 2015. Engineering is Elementary. 20 hands-on inexpensive engineering based lessons. Website includes a plethora of teacher lesson opportunities. (3/19/2015)
NJ Green Program of Study. 2015. Sequence and lesson plans for sustainable design proposed for grades 9-12. (3/19/2015)
Solar Energy International. 2014. Includes a plethora of valuable links that include curriculum, climate change, energy conservation, etc.
Activity Kits IBM
Creative Science Centre things to make and do
Custom Sizes Bug Off Screen Doors
Discovery Education Science Fair Central offers ideas for science fair projects and experiments for kids
K-12 Lesson Clearinghouse
Lesson Plans
MapMaker Interactive - National Geographic Education
National Energy Education Development Project
STEM Train - Paxton Patterson
Sustainability Research & Student Projects
Take Action! Projects Take Action! Facing the Future
The Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education - The Fish Game
ZOOM . activities . sci PBS Kids
Circle 1 Network. 2014. Several learning options: Educator link provides a number of gardening lesson plans per grade. Also included are virtual world links for children to explore science related topics.
California Renewable Energy Overview and Programs
Curriculum for Global Sustainability Education Facing the Future
Energenius Program Order Form
Green Schools Initiative Sustainability Curricula Directory
How to Read the Next Generation Science Standards Next Generation Science Standards
www.deq.state.K-12SustainabilityCurriculum08.pdf - Education for Sustainability - A Curriculum Framework K - 12
K-12 Lesson Clearinghouse
Lesson Plans - Sustainable Communities Theme Resources - Educational Resources - World Savvy
National Energy Education Development Project
NEED Curriculum Guides - By Grade Level National Energy Education Development Project
Next Generation Science Standards
Practical Uses of Math and Science Examples
Renewable Energy Lesson Plans
Resources Sierra Youth Coalition
Roosevelt Middle School- LEADS - Sustainability Lesson Plans
Sustainability activities
UNESCO Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Future
Wind Powering America Wind Energy Curricula and Teaching Materials
Alternative Energy & Environmental Science Kits by Thames and Kosmos
Alternative Energy Educational Resources - JMU - CISAT
Alternative Energy Educational Resources - KITS TO PURCHASE
Carolina Curriculum GEMS
Delta Education K-6 Complete Modules - FOSS Solar Energy, 2nd Edition
KidWind Basic Wind Experiment Kit - Complete Kits - Wind Energy Kits
LEGO Education
LHS GEMS Teacher's Guides by Topic
Nasco Science Online Catalog
Solar Power & Alternative Energy Science Kits
Thames & Kosmos Products Alternative Energy & Environmental Science
Thames and Kosmos Kits
Links and Resources
PLOS Biology Improving Science Education for Sustainable Development

K-12: Energy Related Science Fair

Organizing the event: Discovery Education. 2013. Science Fair Central. All things to consider in preparing for a Science Fair (for non-science teacher)
Project Ideas: NEED. Energy relevant Science Fair Projects consistent with the NEED kits according to Primary, Intermediate and Secondary grades.
Project Ideas:Energy & Power Science Fair Project Ideas
Project Ideas:Energy Science Fair Projects and Experiments
Project Ideas:Science Fair Project Topics in Solar Energy
Project Ideas: South Carolina Energy. 2005. The Best of Science Fair Project Guidebooks: A Resource for Students, Teachers and Parents. Extensive learning guide that includes 20 worthwhile energy related projects in a science fair format
Student Self-reflection: Google Science Fair. 2014. Site has a plethora of cutting edge ideas and approaches, although requires considerable access to resources and technology. This link offers a thorough process for a student (Intermediate and Secondary) to reflect and improve their project throughout the process.

K-12: Energy Related Family Science Night

Overview: Sandia National Laboratories. 2014. 2 minute new clip interview of a real family science night at an elementary school. Watch this to see what opportunities are possible in engaging families with their children's learning.
Organizing the event: NSTA. 2011. Making a Night of Science. An article addressing things to consider for a family science night. It would be worthwhile to extract all points when you begin planning for the event, such as what is your overall goal, who will help, get admin's support, etc.
Activities: NEED. Primary Energy Carnival. Workbook contains 9 station activities for primary through elementary school levels.
Activities: NEED. Energy Carnival. Workbook contains 10 station activities for upper elementary and intermediate levels.

K-12: Grants

Youth garden grant. 2015. $500 plus gardening supplies given to 20 schools yearly. Deadline Dec.5, 2014.

CA Regional SEED Consortium - Google Groups
NSF Award Search Simple Search Results.
NSF FastLane Home
Apply for a Grant U.S. Department of Education
California Regional Environmental Education Community (CREEC). 2014. Monthly updated grant opportunities.

K-12: Standards

California Classroom Science » NGSS and CCSS – Science Fair Is Back!
California Classroom Science » NGSS Town Hall Meeting
Common Core State Standards - Resources (CA Dept of Education)
Education for Environment and Sustainability
Green and Sustainability Standards for Career Pathways US Partnership - K-12 & Teacher Education
Next Generation Science Standards - Science (CA Dept of Education)

Community: Being Green at College

Campus Sustainability Blogs. 2012.  A plethora of blogs (mostly current) from universities around the US regarding either what they are doing to make an impact on the planet, or what you can also do.
Directory of Sustainability at California Community Colleges. 2009. What California community colleges are doing regarding sustainability at their schools. Topics include: Facilities/Maintenance, Renewable Energy, Curriculum/Workforce, Recycling/Waste, Management EPP (Environmentally Preferable Purchasing), Community Outreach, Garden/Farm, Habitat Reclamation/Preservation, Student Green Teams.

Community: Being Green at Home

Green Home Solutions

Community: Being Green at your business

Bureau of Labor Statistics. 2013. Green Technologies and Practices. Now defunct program, but reports through 2013 are available for download that include surveys on green practices, etc. Throughout this website are also links to green job outlooks.

Community: Energy Education and Training

eere Energy Education and Workforce Development Home Page
Solar Training and Renewable Energy Education Schedule - Solar Energy International
CalCERTS - Training
Cuesta College About Cuesta College Energy Tools and Training
Academic Academy 2013 ASCCC
Building Education Center
Complete Guide to Renewable Energy Training and Education Renewable Energy Jobs
Green California Community Colleges Summit 2012
Green California Schools Summit 2012
Green California Summit 2013
ISTE 2013State Service Learning Workshops Institutes
Teaching Environmental Issues

Community: Associations, Organizations and Schools

Univeristy of California Cooperative Extension. Communities resources primarily for agriculture. (rev 1/2015)
Central Coast Grown. Local Food Resource. (rev 1/2015)
SIP. Organic Vineyard Certification program. (rev 1/2015)
Calif Community College Sustainability
California Science Teachers Association
California Student Sustainability Coalition
Central Coast Clean Cities Coalition (C5)
Classroom Earth
Cal Poly College of Science and Mathematics
Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo County, Inc. (CAPSLO)
Community Works Institute A Network for Engaged Educators
Discovery Education
Education for Sustainability Sustainable Schools Project
Energy Education and Workforce Development Energy Literacy Essential Principles and Fundamental Concepts for Energy Education
Energy Education and Workforce Development Opportunities for K-12 Students
Environmental Issues and Solutions to Current Environment Problems NRDC
Faculty Center for Sustainable Energy and Power Systems
Green building and sustainable architects San Luis Obispo
Green Business Certification
Green Business Network
Green Business Program
Green Education Foundation GEF Sustainability Education
Green Living Project supporting a more sustainable lifestyle
Green Remediation
Green Schools Initiative How to Green Your School
Green Technology
Groups - Central Valley Science Project
Home Cal Alive! Exploring biodiverstiy
GEF Institute Online Sustainability Education & Training
Green Education Foundation GEF Sustainability Education
Emerald Cities Collaborative
International Tech and Engineering Association
National Energy Awareness Month The White House
Nonprofit Organizations - Center for Sustainability at Aquinas College
North American Association for Environmental Ed conference
Red Rocks Institute for Sustainability in Education
Resources for Global Sustainability Education Facing the Future
San Luis Obispo Climate Action Planning - Home
San Luis Obispo Regional Energy Alliance
Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics - Science (CA Dept of Education)
Service-Learning - Curriculum Resources (CA Dept of Education)
SLO County Clean Energy Economy Coalition - Your Power to Choose
SLO-CEEC Home • SLO County Clean Energy Economy Coalition
Solstice Green Green Business Directory of the Central Coast
SunPower - YouTube
Sustainability at CCA California College of the Arts
Sustainable Schools Collaborative
Sustainable Schools Project
The Central Coast's leading green building builder - Semmes & Co.
The Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education - Home
U.S. Partnership for education for sustainable development
U.S. Partnership
UNESCO Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Future Module 20 Experiential learning
US Green Building Council California Central Coast - Home
USGBC-C4 - Home
Welcome My Green Apple
Welcome to Pacific Energy Company

Mr. Eco

CAFES Home - Center For Sustainability - Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
California Academy of Sciences
California Center for Sustainable Energy - Education & Training
California Center for Sustainable Energy
Center for Sustainable Cities
Contact SBCC Center for Sustainability
Ecology Center
K-12 Lesson Clearinghouse
Northern California Resource Center
NSTA Learning Center
Our Sustainable Future Institute for Sustainable Development - CSU, Chico
Red Rocks Instititue for Sustainability Education
Red Rocks Institute for Sustainability in Education
Solar Living Institute - By Category - Solar Living Institute
Solar Living Institute - Solar Training
Sustainability Lane Community College
Sustainability Resource Centers - Institute for Local Government
Sustainable Schools Global Institute for Sustainability
The Institute for Sustainable Energy
Welcome to LACCD's Sustainability Institute
Programs - CREEC Network - Education by Nature
STEM Scholars
The Bright Schools Program
Green Technology. 2009. Directory of Sustainability Program at Community Colleges.

Resources (to be distribute to above headings)

CFL Facts and Myths
CLEAN Climate Literacy
Education and the Environment Initiative (EEI) Home Page (AB 1548)
Education for Sustainability - Table of Contents
eere Energy Basics Home Page
Energy 101 - YouTube
Environmental Education and Outreach - global change research
Exhibit Services » Exhibit Catalog Exploratorium
Garden Almanac living library
Global Systems Science
A to Z Sustainability Research and Education Guide - Library Guides! at Iowa State University
Home - Solar Schoolhouse
Introducing our Think Green® Campus Model.
LISTSERV 16.0 - Subscribe or Unsubscribe to the CCCS4SUSTAINABILITY List
Mobilizing STEM for a Sustainable Future
National Educational Services
National Service-Learning Clearinghouse America’s Most Comprehensive Service-Learning Resource
Next Generation Science Standards
Non-Governmental Organizations Instructional Connections
NSTA Learning Center
PBS LearningMedia
Portland State Graduate School of Education Educational Leadership & Policy Sustainability Education Resources
PowerSave Campus Alliance to Save Energy
Resources Classroom Earth 1
Resources Classroom Earth
Resources DANS
Resources on Sustainability Curriculum AASHE
Results for sustainability PBS LearningMedia
Sundowner- Services
SunWind Solar Car Kits and Solar Energy Education
Walt Reil's Science & Education