Aqua Fitness



In the warm pool participants are led through a series of exercises designed to increase range of motion and flexibility. Moderate aerobic exercises are added to our Higher Intensity (H.I.) class to increase cardiovascular fitness. A great class for adults of any age, including people recovering from injuries and/or arthritic conditions who are capable of participating in a fitness program without assistance.

AGES: 18+

Fall 2014

Aug 11 – Dec 19 (M,W,F)

No Class: September 1, 12, 19; October 3, 17 November 28

$236   Warm Pool Users

AF0700.314          7:00am                  Aquakinetics, Higher Intensity                Holley

AF0800. 314         8:00am                  Aquakinetics                                           Holley

AF0900. 314         9:00am                  Aquakinetics                                           Holley

AF0100. 314         10:00am                Aquakinetics                                           Holley

Aug 12-Dec 18 (T,TH)

No Class: Nov 11; Nov 27

$166   Warm Pool Users

AF70T.314             7:00am                 Aquakinetics, Higher Intensity            Goughnour

AF80T.314             8:00am                 Aquakinetics                                       Goughnour

Aug 12-Dec 18 (T,TH)

No Class: Nov 11; Nov 27

$166   Shallow End of Large Pool Users

AF70TS.314         7:00am                   Aquakinetics, Higher Intensity             Goughnour

AF80TS.314         8:00am                   Aquakinetics                                        Goughnour