Gnarly Gnarwhals Swim Class

The GnarlyGnarwhals is a recreational swim class designed to aid in stroke refinement and development for young swimmers. Having a minimum skill level 4 is required to enter the course (swim unassisted one length of the pool, knows the four basic swim strokes). The swim class will take place in the shallow end of the big pool.

Group One:

  • Swimmer must have some prior swimming experience
    • ​​Examples include swim lessons, ability to float on stomach and back, comfortable with face in water, and general understanding of freestyle and backstroke
  • Knowledge of all four strokes isn't mandatory, but being able to swim a lap of freestyle is highly recommended
  • This group is designed as a transition from swim lessons to swim team and learning how to swim all four strokes. It is a fun, non-competitive environment.

Group Two:

  • Swimmers must be able to swim 25 freestyle and have some understanding of butterfly, backstroke, and breaststroke (being able to do a flip turn is highly recommended)
  • For swimmers who can complete workouts without a coach in the water
  • Swimmers will work on technique for all four strokes

Group Three:

  • Demonstrate the basics of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly
  • Introduction to the pace clock
  • Ability to follow instruction and work well with teammates and coaches

Register Online

DATES: Mon/Wed: Feb 22 - May 18, 2016

(No class: 3/28, 3/30, 4/4, 4/6, 4/20)

TIME: 6:15 - 8:00pm

  • Group 1 from 6:15-7:05pm
  • Group 2 & 3 from 7:10-8:00pm
AGES:  6 to 16

FEE: $175

Drop-in available for $10. If you decide to become part of the class, this amount will be deducted from your course enrollment fee.

# CPSWIM.116

LOCATION: Shallow end of Large Pool

INSTRUCTOR: Nicole Antoniuk & Jill Jones

QUESTIONS: contact instructor at

Gnarly Gnarwhals Swim Team Underwater Photo