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California Natural History Series

Experience the beauty that California has to offer on this two-day natural history class and field trip with veteran instructor, Steve Schubert. From the picturesque coastline of Big Sur to the salt playa of Soda Lake this is certainly an adventure you will not forget. Sign up for the series and receive $26 off the combined course fee.

Register Online for Series - series registration unavailable due to cancellation of Big Sur trip. Enroll for Carizzo Plain trip below.

DATES: 2 Sat: Mar 25 & Apr 8, 2017


LOCATION: San Luis Obispo Campus Room 4730

Big Sur Van Trip

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Natural History of the Carrizo Plain

Explore the expansive 246,000 acre Carrizo Plain National Monument in southeast San Luis Obispo County, viewing spectacular wildflower displays among grasslands, vernal pools, and desert scrub habitats. Geographic features and scenic vistas include Overlook Hill, the salt playa of Soda Lake, trace of the San Andreas Fault along the base of the Temblor Range, Native American pictographs at Painted Rock, and the highest elevation in the county in the bordering Caliente Range. Visit the Goodwin Education Center. Likely sightings of raptors include eagles, hawks and falcons. Search for wildlife including tule elk, pronghorn antelope, antelope ground squirrels and giant kangaroo rats. The Carrizo is a remnant of the once vast Central Valley grasslands and home to many endemic, rare and endangered flora and fauna.
Bring a sack lunch and picnic dinner, snacks, water, binoculars, and field guide references. Dress warm in layers. Easy to moderate hiking conditions on level and gently sloped terrain. Van transportation provided.
8- 9am classroom meeting/lecture
9am- 9pm. field trip along Hwy. 58 to the Carrizo Plain
A $2 parking permit is required to leave your vehicle on campus during the field trip.

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DATES: 1 Sat: Mar 25, 2017

  • Lecture: 8:00-9:00am at Cuesta
  • Field Trip: 9:00am-9:00pm off campus

FEE: $92

# OD0903.117

Natural History of Big Sur and Big Creek

Travel Pacific Coast Hwy. 1 along the rugged Big Sur coastline into the Santa Lucia Mountains, to Big Creek Reserve which is part of the University of California Reserve System and open to researchers and educational groups only. Have lunch at Redwood Camp along a rushing steam. Hike the Interpretive Loop trail through shady redwood forests, across forested mountain streams, and onto the higher slopes of open grassland and oak woodland habitats, with spectacular views of high ridge tops, deep canyons and the Pacific Ocean far below. Strenuous hiking, with elevation gain of 1,000+ feet. Bird watch, botanize, and discuss the plate tectonics history and geology of the local terrain. Sightings of California Condors a possibility.

Bring a sack lunch and money for dinner at a restaurant along the return driving route.  Bring water, snacks, binoculars, field guides, and dress warm in layers.   Van transportation provided.

Register Online - cancelled 

DATES: 1 Sat: Apr 8, 2017

  • Lecture: 8:00-9:00am at Cuesta
  • Field Trip: 9:00am-8:00pm off campus

FEE: $84

# OD0904.117

Coast Redwoods in Big Sur