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Writing for Fun and Profit Series

9/24 - Discover Your Writing Potential - Find the Author Within You. Unleash your creative ability. Learn to tap the Power of the emotions and write lively poetry and prose. Writers are taught right and left brain righting techniques, to write through the emotions and revise through the brain: FLOW-WRITE TO SUCCESS.

10/1 - Write For Publication: Stardom - Open the Door to Publication. Learn the Techniques that Hook Editors and Agents. How-To Write Saleable Fiction and Nonfiction: Short Stories, Poetry, Articles, Books, and Novels. Survey the Tasty Ingredients of Best Sellers. Easy-Write methods help you create compelling stories and interesting characters. Cake-Bake: Idea, Title, Character, Plot, Time, Audience, and Polish—PUBLISH.

10/8 - Break Into Print - WOW!!! YOU WROTE IT! NOW WHAT? BREAK INTO PRINT summarizes the WHO WHAT WHEN WHERE WHY AND HOW OF GETTING PUBLISHED...in the traditional, and new innovative mediums. Follow a Step-by-Step Method for getting the attention of agents and editors who know how to put you in the limelight. Learn to write QUERY LETTERS and PROPOSALS. Get practice and feedback to catch the publisher's eye. (Contract Signed) You'll also follow the steps of J.K. Rowling, who sold her own E-Book versions of the Harry Potter series, and Jack Canfield's self published Chicken Soup for the Soul to Self Publication, and Online Offerings of Print and E-Books. Learn about this New Wave to success: additional, or alternative, and sometimes easier route to PUBLICATION.

LOCATION: San Luis Obispo Campus Room 4710

INSTRUCTOR: Frances Leitch

QUESTIONS: Contact instructor at fbleitch@aol.com or (805) 704-3276.

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DATES: 3 Wed: Sep 24 - Oct 8, 2014; 6:00-8:30pm

FEE: $80

# WR070S.314

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9/24 - Discover Your Writing Potential $30 -  HERE

10/1 - Write For Publication: Stardom $30 -  HERE

10/8 - Break Into Print $30 -  HERE