Central Coast Writers' Conference


Chevron Teacher Writing In-Service FLYER

For Teachers! Chevron Teachers Writing In-Service is intended to provide unique writing tools for teachers to inspire both reluctant and avid writers. Workshops have been custom designed by Greg Pincus and April Halprin Wayland. Chevron has underwritten the program for 30 credentialed teachers scheduled to teach in public or private schools in SLO County in 2014-2015. A processing fee of $30 is required. To receive .5 CEUs, teachers must complete 8 hours of instruction the Friday/Saturday conference. Download an application HERE between June 16 and August 31.

The In-Service Presenters & What They Will Teach

April Halprin Wayland is an award-winning poet and children's picture book author, a UCLA Writing Program instructor and an active member of www.TeachingAuthors.com.

Greg Pincus is a novelist, screenwriter, poet and social media consultant. His works have been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, and School Library Journal. www.gregpincus.com.

Friday, 7-9:00 pm Chevron Teachers Writing Program

Forgive Me – Writing Poems of Forgiveness...and More by April Halprin Wayland

Being human, we make mistakes. How do we forgive someone...or forgive ourselves? Poetry is one way to allow students to explore their emotionally charged world. Working together, teachers will create their own poem, thus, building a portfolio of poetry lesson plans to share.

Saturday, 9-11:15 am Chevron Teachers Writing Program

Social Media for the Classroom by Greg Pincus

Whether you're brainstorming or reviewing, working on poetry or prose - you can add a ton of creativity and writing in the classroom by introducing a little social media. Explore big-picture ways of introducing social media tools...and leave with practical tips on how to integrate them into class.