Find Your Courage Here 

Natalie Obando-Desai, Michael Stackpole


Finding and Interfacing With Fans 

Dakota Shane, Mary Weber, Jay Asher


The Strength In Memoir 

Kim Addonizio, Peter Dunne, Eldonna Edwards


Ways to Wake Up The Muse 

Chantelle Aimee Osman, Raymond Mullikin, Jonathan Maberry


Getting The Most Out Of Your Agent 

Mary Moore, Carlisle Webber, Lisa Abellera


Self Publish Vs Traditional Publishing 

Brian Talley, Bill Evans, Greg Fields


Creating Stunning Dialog 

Jeanne Veillette Bowerman, Ross Brown, Doug Richardson


Anthologies, Magazines and Blogs 

Jamie C. Lewis, Jenna Elizabeth Johnson, Brendan P. Kelso


Creating Lasting Characters 

Marylin Atlas, Diane Drake, Paul T. Scheuring