Central Coast Writers' Conference


Saturday Session II Workshops 10:30-11:45am 

Getting Started: Kicking in the Wall

Hitting the wall is common for most writers. To quote writer Patti Smith, "We hit the wall of our imagined limitations." This workshop introduces a method to get through writer's block and get back to work. You'll also discover how to go deeper into your story whether you're writing non-fiction or fiction.

INSTRUCTOR: Barbara Abercrombie

ROOM: 6304

# WCRC21.314 

Children's, Teen,YA: 101+ Reasons for Rejection

By studying real examples of manuscripts and rejection letters, we'll detail the most common reasons for rejection. Being aware of the in-depth analysis each manuscript goes through should encourage the writer to avoid a few of the possible reasons for rejection before submitting a manuscript.

INSTRUCTOR: Karen Grencik

ROOM: 6307

# WCRC22.314 

Poetry: Do-It-Yourself Social Media Marketing In 20 Minutes a Day

Marketing is an author's responsibility whether self or traditionally published. Successful writers know persistent promotion is required. Many are demoralized trying to balance writing and business. Learn to use social media to painlessly promote your work and author brand in a minimum amount of time.

INSTRUCTOR: Brian Felsen

ROOM: 6305

# WCRC23.314 

Craft: Plotting to Enhance Your Backstory (note)

Back stories of minor characters, especially of antagonists, can give them very specific memories and emotions which can be unraveled bit by bit, and then dramatically revealed. If they are rich enough they can inform tastes, reactions, relationships and make the character unforgettable.


ROOM: 5401

# WCRC24.314 

Fiction: The Rules of Building a Believable Fantasy World

Most of the best-selling novels in history are fantasy stories, showing the human thirst for the creation of imaginary lands and exploration of the extraordinary. Come explore the secrets to writing evocative fantasy novels, shared by great authors such as Lewis, Chesterton, and Bradbury.

INSTRUCTOR: Susanne CS Lakin

ROOM: 6303

# WCRC25.314 

Nonfiction: Use Webinars to Widen Your Reach

Reach a worldwide readership with your work without leaving home. Learn how to build a global platform through webinars. Don Maruska will share the tips he's learned leading webinars for the past ten years while building his reach to more than 4000 attendees annually. Josephine Laing, on-line broadcaster, will join Maruska to demonstrate how to use on-line radio broadcasts to build platform and develop sales.

INSTRUCTOR: Don Maruska & Josephine Laing

ROOM: 6302

# WCRC26.314 

Publishing: eBook Formatting, Conversion & Marketplace Setup

Learn to publish your eBook directly to major eBook marketplaces including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, and Kobo. And if you've already published, you'll learn to learn optimization secrets that will increase your visibility. We'll also discuss formatting, pricing, and cover design.

INSTRUCTOR: Brian Schwartz

ROOM: 6306

# WCRC27.314