Cuesta College LibraryCollection Development Mission

The mission of collection development at the Cuesta College Library is to develop and maintain collections that support and enhance the curriculum and instructional programs of Cuesta College and the needs of students, faculty, and staff of the college. The goal of collection development is to develop, organize, and preserve effective, high-quality collections, by providing appropriate access to information regardless of location or format, and by coordinating the selection and management of materials in print and other media to meet the current and long-term teaching, learning, research, and administrative needs of the college community.

We are creating a collection which is adequate to support lower division, undergraduate courses, vocational education programs, or introductory independent study. This level is adequate to acquire knowledge of a subject required for limited or generalized purposes, of less than research intensity. It includes a judicious selection from currently published basic monographs (as are represented in LJ reviews) supported by seminal retrospective monographs (as are represented by Books for College Libraries); a broad selection of works of more important writers; a selection of representative journals, and current editions of the most significant reference tools pertaining to the subject.

Selection of materials by the library does not mean endorsement of the contents or the views expressed in those materials. No material will be excluded from the collection because of the race, nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation, political or social viewpoint or controversial nature of either the author or of the material.

--revised February 6, 2007.