Using the Library

1. Are there computers with Internet and Word?

At the San Luis Obispo campus, the Library and High Tech Computer Lab computers have both. The North County campus library has both on all their computers.

2. How do I print a document?

Go to the menu bar at the top of the document, click on File, then Print.

At the San Luis campus library: find the "number" of your computer on the CPU, and head for the GoPrint station. Press the number to get your job.

At the North County campus library: When you click on the Print dialog box, your computer sends the print request to a printer behind the Circulation Desk. Ask the person behind the desk for the material you have printed.

Special instructions for EBSCOHost: Click on the Print icon right below the green menu bar, click on Print in the middle of the page, then click on OK when the Print dialog box appears.

Special instructions for PDF full text files: PDF files are actually created by a program within a program. Click on the printer icon inside the web browser window, not the print icon or file-print on the menu bar.

If you only want to print part of the article: When the Print box appears, select Pages from __ to __ instead of All. Put the first page number in "from", the last page number in "to".

Printing on both campuses costs ten cents per page. If you choose, you may send articles from Ebscohost, SIRS, ProQuest, Newsbank, and results from eLibrary searches to an email address for printing later.

3. Are there any group study rooms?

Yes, there are many new group study rooms along the walls in the San Luis Obispo campus library, and one available at the North County library.

5. Are there copy machines available for library users?

Yes, there are four photocopiers in the room right inside the entrance to the San Luis Obispo campus library, and one at the North County library. Copying on both campuses costs ten cents per page.

6. What library resources are available to Columbia College or Univ. of La Verne students and faculty? 

Columbia College provides currently enrolled Columbia students with access to a broad range of databases through their Stafford Library web site ( In order to use Columbia subscription resources, you must obtain password from your instructor or campus office. The Stafford Library also provides an electronic reference service ( for their students.

The University of La Verne provides extensive support to distance students through their Wilson Library (