Associate Degrees for Transfer and Transfer General Education

Associate Degrees for Transfer
AS-T in Administration of Justice
AA-T in Anthropology
AA-T in Art History AS-T in Business Administration AA-T in Communication Studies
AS-T in Early Childhood Education
AA-T in English AS-T in Geology
AA-T in History
AA-T in Journalism AA-T in Kinesiology AS-T in Mathematics
AA-T in Music
AA-T in Philosophy
AS-T in Physics AA-T in Political Science AA-T in Psychology AA-T in Sociology
AA-T in Spanish
AA-T in Studio Arts
AA-T in Theatre Arts
Transfer General Education

California State University General Education Requirements (CSUGE)
Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC - UC & CSU)

Cuesta College Degrees and Certificates 

Associate Degree General Education Requirements

Architectural Technology

A.S., Architectural Technology
C.A., Architectural Technology


A.A., Art History And Professional Practices
A.A., Art Studio
C.S., Graphics

Automotive Technology

A.S., Advanced Engine Performance Technician
A.S., Auto Body Technician
A.S., Automotive Technician
C.A., Auto Body Technician
C.A., Automatic Transmission/Transaxle Specialist
C.A., Brakes Specialist
C.A., Chassis And Suspension Specialist
C.A., Electrical Systems Specialist
C.A., Engine Performance Specialist
C.A., Engine Repair Specialist
C.A., Heating And Air Conditioning Specialist
C.A., Manual Drivetrains And Axles Specialist


A.S., Biological Science

Broadcast Communications

A.A., Broadcast Communications


A.A., Business Administration - Career Path
C.A., Business Administration
A.A., Management
C.S., Customer Service
A.A., Marketing


A.S., Chemistry

Computer Applications/Office Administration

A.A., Computer Applications/Office Administration
C.A., Administrative Assistant
C.A., Office Professional
C.A., Word Processing
C.A., Accounting Clerk Bookkeeper
C.A., Business Communications
C.S., Desktop Publishing
C.A., Computer Applications
C.A., Document Processing

Computer Information Systems

A.S., Computer Science
A.S., Management Information Systems

Computer and Networking Technology

A.S., Computer And Networking Technology
C.A., Computer And Network Maintenance
C.A., Computer Networking Specialist
C.S., Computer Repair

Construction Technology

A.S., Construction Technology
C.A., Construction Technology

Criminal Justice

A.A., Criminal Justice


A.A., Drama

Early Childhood Education

A.A., Early Childhood Education Teacher
C.A., Early Childhood Education Teacher

Electronics and Electrical Technology

A.S., Electrical Technology 
C.A., Electrical Technology
C.S., Power And Instrumentation Certificate

Emergency Medical Services

C.A., Paramedic
C.S., Emergency Medical Services Hazardous Materials First Responder Operational
C.S., Emergency Medical Services Technician Refresher
C.S., Emergency Medical Technician


A.S., Engineering


A.A., English

English as a Second Language

C.S., English As A Second Language Intermediate
C.S., English As A Second Language Advanced

Family Studies/Human Services

A.A., Family Studies/Human Services
C.S., Addiction Studies 
C.S., Addiction Studies Fieldwork and Work Experience


A.S., Geology


A.A., History

International Studies

A.A., International Studies


A.A., Journalism


A.S., Fitness, Health, Nutrition
A.S., Kinesiology
C.A., Fitness Health And Nutrition
C.S., Personal Training

Legal Studies

A.A., Legal Studies: Business Emphasis 
A.A., Legal Studies: Social Science Emphasis

Liberal Arts

A.A., Liberal Arts:  Arts and Humanities
A.A., Liberal Arts:  Science
A.A., Liberal Arts:  Social and Behavioral Sciences 

Library/Information Technology

A.S., Library/Information Technology 
C.A., Library/Information Technology
C.S., Library Services to Children 
C.S., Web Page Coding


A.S., Mathematics

Medical Assisting

A.S., Medical Assisting
C.A., Medical Assisting 
C.S., Medical Assisting
C.S., Phlebotomy


A.A., Jazz Studies
A.A., Music Performance
C.S., Audio Technology I

Nursing Assistant

C.S., Nursing Assistant 
C.S., Nursing Assistant Acute Care Nurse Assistant
C.S., Nursing Assistant EKG Monitor Observer

Nursing, Licensed Vocational Nurse

C.A., Nursing Licensed Vocational Nurse

Nursing, Registered

A.S., Nursing Registered
C.A., Nursing Registered
C.A., Nursing Registered (30 Unit Option)


C.S., Nutrition


A.A., Paralegal
C.A., Paralegal


See Emergency Medical Services


A.S., Physics

Political Science

A.A., Political Science

Psychiatric Technician

A.S., Psychiatric Technician
C.A., Psychiatric Technician


A.A., Psychology


A.A., Recreation Administration


A.A., Sociology


A.S., Welding Technology 
C.A., Welding Technology
C.S., Welding Technology Pipe
C.S., Welding Technology Structural Steel


C.C., Income Tax Preparation (Non Credit)
C.C., Non Credit English As A Second Language 
C.C., Non Credit Vocational English As A Second Language
C.C., Secondary Education (Non Credit)

Degree/Certificate Types:

A.A. - Associate in Arts

AS-T - Associate in Science for Transfer

A.S. - Associate in Science

C.A. - Certificate of Achievement

AA-T - Associate in Arts for Transfer

C.S. - Certificate of Specialization

C.C. - Certificate of Completion (Non Credit)