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At Cuesta College our vision is to be "dedicated to accessible, high-quality education for the support and enhancement of student success, professional development, and the community we serve." The resources found here within the Faculty Distance Education Resources are dedicated to helping to fulfill this vision.

The tools and resources can be used to provide high-quality education in an online environment, but can also be used in a traditional face to face class as a way to meet the needs and learning styles of our diverse students.

These resources have been compiled in conjunction with the Distance Education Committee, DE Task Force, Moodle Technical and Faculty Support as well as the Cuesta College Technology Trainers. In addition some resources are links to best practices at other organizations that are highly recognized for delivering effective online education.

In addition to quality examples and resources there are also dedicated training sessions that take place throughout the semester, on campus and online.

Developing Cuesta Colleges Distance Education

Cuesta College has seen tremendous growth in the online program over the last several years, which has created an increasing need for the campus to become involved in providing resources and guidance for faculty teaching in this modality. Over the past year the State's Chancellor's Office has been involved in the Online Education Initiative (OEI) which has recently approved a Course Design Rubric, a set of quality standards for courses that will become part of the State's OEI Course Exchange. The Cuesta College Distant Education Committee which is comprised of faculty, staff, administrators and students has elected to use this rubric to help faculty evaluate the needs of effective online instruction or blended classrooms with design components for high quality courses. In addition the rubric can guide faculty in making curriculum and technology choices.

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