Students will be held financially responsible for fees related to classes not dropped within the refund deadlines. Refer to the Student Financial Responsibility statement for more information.

How to receive a refund:

Step 1 - Drop class online through your myCuesta or at a Registration Center within the refund drop deadline, see Dropping Courses for more information.

Specific course drop deadlines can be found online through registered students' myCuesta Class Schedule Receipt, through the Student Planning Calendar and online in the Class Finder by selecting the class CRN link.

Step 2 - Check your student account through your myCuesta Web Services to confirm a credit (negative $) balance is available for refund. If you have a credit balance and you would like it to be refunded, then read, complete and submit a Refund Request form (see forms below).

Credit balances for dropped classes can be refunded or used toward future charges. Credit balances will remain on the student's account until a refund request is submitted. A $10 refund processing fee will be assessed for requested refunds which include Enrollment Fees ($46 per unit fee). Exceptions to the processing fee are those classes cancelled by the College.

Step 3 - Make sure you have received and activated your BankMobile Refund Selection Kit. All refunds are processed by way of the student BankMobile Refund Selection.

Newly enrolled students will automatically receive a BankMobile Refund Selection Kit within three weeks of their first registration into courses. The Selection Kit will be mailed to the student's mailing address on record and will arrive in a bright green envelope. To receive a refund, a refund preference activation is required. Instructions for activation and refund preferences are included with the kit. Keep your BankMobile login and password. Once activated, the refund selection will remain the student's source of refunds throughout their Cuesta attendance.

If the BankMobile Selection Kit is not received in the described time frame, students should check their myCuesta email for an automated email sent by BankMobile. This email will provide the information necessary to make a refund selection online through the BankMobile website.

Please keep your address up-to-date through your myCuesta by using the Updating Your Address in myCuesta instructions.

The refund request forms below may be printed, completed and submitted to either Student Account Cashier's Office.

Fall/Spring Refund Request

Summer Refund Request

Class Cancelled by Cuesta Refund Request