How Enrollment Status Affects Financial Aid

All student Pell Grant payments are based upon the number of units the student is enrolled in as of the freeze date (Spring 2015: March 10th; Fall 2015: October 20). Any increases or decreases made to the student's unit load after the freeze date will not be considered when calculating the payment amount for the semester.   However, if a student withdraws from all classes and is no longer enrolled for the rest of the semester, the student may owe a repayment of funds received to the federal government.

Note that there is also a requirement to be actively attending a class in order to receive financial aid for it.  Any classes that start after the freeze date will not be considered in the calculation of your financial aid eligibility until the first disbursement after the start date of that class.

Remember that any class that you add to your schedule after the freeze date has passed will not be considered towards your total number of units, so please enroll in classes early enough to ensure that you will receive financial aid.

As an example, imagine you are attending Cuesta in Fall 2015.  If you are enrolled in six units as of October 20th, but you had a three unit late-start class that didn't begin until November 9th, the amount of your initial Pell Grant payments would be based on three units. Once November 9th arrived, however, you would be considered to be actively attending six units in the next disbursement (November 10), and would receive another check as a result.  If you had applied for student loans, you wouldn't receive any payments until November 6, as student loans have a six unit requirement. 


The Financial Aid Office communicates exclusively via email.

Email is the standard method of communication used by the Office of Financial Aid at Cuesta College. We will contact you only through your email address with Cuesta except the first email regarding the results of your FAFSA (to be the email address you submitted on the FAFSA).

We use your mycuesta email address or financial aid status – student requirements, awards, etc. to communicate information from us to you.  It is your responsibility to check both your email and more importantly your financial aid status – student requirements, awards, etc. to receive information from us.

All communication is directed to students, as it is the student's application for financial aid. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that all forms and communications applications are effectively managed in a timely manner.

However, we are aware that many parents help their sons/daughters to complete forms and navigate the process of applying for financial aid. According to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and to ensure your privacy, your account will not be discussed with anyone else (this includes custodial parents, guardians or other family members or friends), without the consent from the student in writing.