The primary purpose of student aid is to provide financial resources to students who would otherwise be unable to pursue post-secondary education. In order to accomplish this stated purpose, the following practices are recommended to all financial aid administrators:


  • Shall make every effort to meet the demonstrated needs of all students at Cuesta College to the extent funding will permit in an ethical manner.
  • Shall award all aid on the basis of demonstrated financial need except where funds are specified for recognition of merit.
  • Shall exercise adequate controls to insure that need-based aid awards do not exceed documented needs.
  • Shall recognize that the primary responsibility for financing post-secondary education rests with the students and their family. Financial aid assistance from institutions and other sources is only intended as supplementary to the efforts of the family.
  • Shall help students seek, obtained, and make the best of all financial aid resources available.
  • Shall provide in all appropriate literature a clear statement of the actual costs of attendance, which shall include both the direct and non-direct costs.
  • Shall inform the student of all conditions under which an award is granted at the time the offer is made.
  • Shall refrain from and discourage others from making any public announcement of the amount of type of financial aid awarded to a student in order to protect the confidentiality of the economic circumstances of the student and his/her family.
  • Shall respect the confidentiality of student records. Information should be released only on the written consent of the student.
  • Shall oppose the administration of aid to accomplish disciplinary objectives.
  • Shall, when preparing funding requests, estimate needs honestly and fairly.


The primary objective of the Financial Aid Office is to provide adequate financial assistance to all eligible students (through coordination with and full utilization of all governmental, community and on-campus resources), and deliver that assistance within the framework of federal, state, institutional, and donor regulations and policies. 

In order to accomplish this purpose, Cuesta College will observe the following practices:

  • The financial aid team will make every effort in an ethical manner to meet the demonstrated financial need of all the students to the extent funding will permit.
  • The financial aid team will award all aid on the basis of demonstrated financial need except where funds are specified for recognition of special needs
  • The institution shall exercise adequate controls to ensure that need based awards do not exceed documented need
  • To publicize the availability of financial aid
  • To enhance delivery of student aid through simplification of the application process
  • To assist students and families with understanding college costs and how their resources and financial aid can meet them
  • To process applications, determine eligibility in a timely manner
  • To monitor students’ continued eligibility by enforcing the college’s academic progress policy.