Direct Loan Entrance Counseling

If you are borrowing for the first time through the Federal Stafford Loan Program or the Direct Loan Program, you must complete entrance counseling before your loan is disbursed. Transfer students must also complete this requirement if they have never borrowed to attend Cuesta College.

You must complete this requirement by attending a face to face 60-minute entrance student loan counseling session presented by Financial Aid and by completing an online counseling session at

Topics covered during the entrance counseling group session include:

  • Disbursement of student loan funds to your student account

  • Delivery of loan funds to the student

  • Borrower rights and responsibilities

  • Useful tips and information to help you manage your loans

  • Obligations of student loan repayment

  • Student loan consolidation

  • Consequences of student loan delinquency, default (including adverse credit reports, federal offset, other federal delinquent debt collection procedures and litigation)


Direct Loan Exit Counseling

Student loans, unlike grants and work-study, are borrowed money that must be repaid, with interest, just like car loans and home mortgages. You cannot have these loans canceled because you did not like the education you received, did not get a job in your field of study or because you are having financial difficulty. Student loans are legal obligations that you will have to repay.

Federal regulations require Cuesta College to provide exit counseling to all Federal Stafford Loan and Direct Loan borrowers who graduate, petition to graduate, drop below half-time enrollment or leave Cuesta College (even if you plan to transfer to another school). Student loan exit counseling helps you understand your rights and responsibilities as student loan borrower.

Direct Loan exit counseling notifications are sent out to students to their Cuesta email address. Please complete your required online exit counseling session as soon as you receive an email notification at