The "MyCuesta/Higher One Card" is now serviced by "Bank Mobile."

To get your financial aid or any other refund that the college owes you,

select your "Refund Preference" at


New Students:  

  • Receive a "Personal Code" in the mail from "Bank Mobile" once you have registered for classes at Cuesta!  (Look for green envelope!)
  • Log on to to select your "Refund Preference."


Refund Preference Choices:

- Direct deposit to your own bank.

- Check mailed to you.

- Deposit money onto MyCuesta/Bank Mobile Card.  Use it at any "Allpoint ATM."


  • Didn't receive a "Personal Code" in the mail??  - Check your myCuesta email!  A Personal Code will be sent there if the mailed one is not activiated within 7 days of mailing. (The mailed one will still be good, if you find it first!)


Continuing Students: 


Cuesta College BankMobileVibe Checklist

Bank Mobile Customer Service:  1-877-732-0436