Fees are subject to change by the State of California and may occur at any time during the academic year.
If fees change for a term after you have
registered, you will be refunded or billed the difference. Registration fees are due at the time of registration.  Student Account Payment/ Refund Information


Click on the links for Fee information and possible exemptions that may apply.


Enrollment fee  (per unit, subject to change by State of California)*


Non-Resident tuition(per unit, in addition to the $26 enrollment fee)*


Health fee


ASCC Student ID Card fee

  Student Representation fee (per semester) $1.00

Material fee*


Student Center fee*
($1 per unit-$10 maximum per academic year; San Luis Obispo Campus only)


Parking (per semester or session, required at North County and San Luis Obispo campuses)

Automobiles/vans/trucks (one vehicle)
Motorcycles/mopeds (one vehicle)
Each additional automobiles/vans/trucks
Each additional motorcycle/moped



Refund Information

*Eligible Tax Credit fee - keep receipt.