The Financial Aid Office participates in financial aid programs funded through a variety of sources. Types of assistance include grants and fee waivers, scholarships, student loans, and work-study opportunities.


Grants and Fee Waivers

A grant is a form of gift aid that does not have to be repaid and doesn't require you to work in order to receive it. Grants are often awarded on the basis of financial need or some specific qualification based on your background (e.g. grants for single parents or foster youth).

A fee waiver removes the necessity to pay registration fees, but doesn't provide any money that can be used for other items.

There are several grant and fee waiver programs offered at Cuesta College.



Like grants, scholarships don't have to be repaid and you don't need to work to earn them. However, scholarships are often competitive and are awarded on the basis of academic merit. 

Scholarships come in two basic types: inside and outside. Inside scholarships are those that are managed and awarded within the college itself (like the Cuesta College Scholarship program), while outside scholarships are awarded by entities other than the college.   



Work-study is a federal program that provides you with part-time employment to help meet your financial needs and gives you work experience while you serve your campus and the surrounding community.



There are three kinds of loans available through the Cuesta College Financial Aid Office: student loans, parent loans, and emergency book loans. Click the links below to learn more about specific eligibility requirements and loan maximums.

  • Student loans are low-interest loans sponsored by the federal government. They do not require a credit check although other eligibility criteria do apply.

  • Parent loans are available to parents to help pay for their children's education. A credit check is required, and additional student loans will be made available to the student if the parents' credit is not approved.

  • Emergency book loans are offered by the ASCC to help students who do not have money to pay for their books and supplies at the beginning of the semester.