Cuesta College Departments...  

(or off campus employers!)

Do You Want to Hire a Federal Work Study (FWS) Student?

...for 2016-2017 Academic Year... 

Follow These Steps...

  1. Set up an employer account at the Cuesta Jobs Link to post a "Federal Work-Study" position.
  2. Hire a "FWS Eligible" student. (FWS Eligible = enrolled in 6 units, meeting SAP, has financial aid eligibility to accommodate up to a $3000 award intended to last the entire Academic Year).
  3. Fill out the forms below and sign Supervisor sections of each document.
  4. Send to Financial Aid for processing.
  5. The Director of Financial Aid and the Dean of Student Services will sign the Director and Dean/VP portions.
  6. The FWS Coordinator will process the documents and send them to Human Resources.
  7. Human Resources contacts the student to arrange TB Testing, Fingerprinting, and New Employee Orientation.
  8. Human Resources will contact the Department for a start date, and they notify the FWS Coordinator once a week (generally end of day Friday) that a student is cleared.
  9. FWS will only pay for hours the students works, as of the date they are cleared to work by HR.
  10. Timecards are due the 20th of each month, to be printed by the Department and turned into Financial Aid. (Timecards not received will be reported with 0 hours for the month).
  11. Contact the Employment Services Coordinator in Career Connections for Off-Campus FWS Jobs.


Need to check eligibility? Contact our FWS Coordinator Email Julie Salgado





Do Not Allow a Student to Work Until They Have Been Cleared to Work by HR!

Students Who Work Before They Clear HR Must Be Paid Out of Your Department's Funds!