If your Cuesta College department is interested in hiring a federal work-study student, here are the steps and resources you need to complete the process.

First, please set up an employer account at the Cuesta Jobs Link. Make sure that students can find your job when doing a search for local work-study jobs. 

Second, make sure that any applicants for your position have already filed a Federal Work-Study Interest form with the Financial Aid Office.  As this form is only accepted once a student has a complete file, it increases the likelihood that the people you interview will be able to work and speeds up their availability date.

Third, please submit all of the applicable paperwork together through your chain of command to your VP's office:

  1. 2015-2016 FWS referral form signed by the supervisor (administrator, not classified)
  2. 2015-2016 FWS Job description form with all fields filled out
  3. Personnel Authorization Request Form ("PARF" or "top sheet") Don't forget to attach the Scope of Work form required for all new hires, including FWS students.

The VP's office will forward the signed paperwork to the Financial Aid Office for final clearance and awarding before it sent on to Human Resources.  

Do not allow the student to work for you until they have received notification directly from HR that they are clear to work! Any students who work before they have been given clearance must be paid out of your department's funds.