Student Education Plan (SEP)


A Student Education Plan (SEP) is planning tool that you and your counselor create together based on your future academic and career goals. It outlines a semester by semester plan of suggested course to take based on major, transfer plans and sequence of courses. 

Effective Fall 2014 Priority Registration will be given to students who work with a counselor to develop a Student Education Plan, succeed in their classes and stay on track.

Abbreviated SEP - one to two terms in length designed to meet your immediate needs and can be created before or after you register for classes.

Comprehensive SEP - a more detailed SEP that in general is longer than one term. A comprehensive student education plan takes into account your interests, skills, career and education goals, major, potential transfer institutions, and the steps you need to take on your educational path to complete your educational goal. The comprehensive plan includes your education goal and course of study requirements, such as the requirements for the major, transfer, certificate, program, applicable course prerequisites or co-requisites, the need for basic skills, assessment for placement results, and the need for referral to other support and instructional services. The comprehensive student education plan is tailored to meet your individual needs and interests and can be created before or after you register for classes.

The Comprehensive SEP is a participation requirement for the following programs:

      • EOPS
      • DSPS
      • CalWORKs
      • Veterans education benefits
      • Athletics
      • Pre-nursing
      • Reentry


If you are transferring to Cuesta College from another college or university, prior to scheduling an appointment for an SEP, you must:

  • Send your official transcripts from ALL colleges and universities you have previously attended to Cuesta College Records Office.
  • Verify with the Records Office that Cuesta College has received ALL your official transcript(s).