Candelario Munoz, Director of Counseling and Student Support & Success Programs



Andrea Devitt, Generalist Counselor
Blake Reed, Athletics Counselor/Transfer & Career Center Coordinator
Carissa Perales, Generalist Counselor
Carol Hurd, Disabled Students Programs & Services (DSPS) Counselor
Cindy Stever, North County Generalist Counselor/EOPS Counselor
Dana Gough, Generalist Counselor/Disabled Students Programs & Services Counselor
Glenda Moscoso, Generalist Counselor
Heidi Webber, Cal Works and Financial Aid Counselor
Irene Nunez, Generalist Counselor/International/F-1/Non-Immigrant Student Counselor
Janet Florez, Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS) Counselor
Julie Smith, Generalist Counselor/Psych Tech Program Counselor
Kate Porter, Generalist Counselor
Katherine Gritton (Blum), Generalist Counselor
Lisa Wearda, Generalist Counselor
Matthew Lorenzen, Generalist Counselor
Randy Gonzalez, Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS) Counselor
Regina "Gina" Vriend, Generalist Counselor/Nursing/Allied Health Counselor
Susan Gossard, Generalist Counselor
Teri Sherman, Generalist Counselor/Academic Probation Counselor
Thea Labrenz, Generalist Counselor/Articulation Officer
Tonya Hardiman, Generalist Counselor/Mental Health Counselor



Department Assistants

Micaela Hernandez, Clerical Assistant
Rachel Russ, Interim Department Assistant

Counseling Services Specialists

Danna Tejada-Baquero, Enrollment Success Specialist
Estella Vazquez, Enrollment Success Specialist
Lainey Campos, University Transfer Center & Career Services Specialist
Lana Nelson, Enrollment Success Specialist
Lauren Cole, Enrollment Success Specialist