Cuesta College has partnered with BankMobile Refund Management to provide students with three different options to receive financial aid and dropped class refunds.

Students will automatically receive a BankMobile Refund Selection Kit in the mail upon registration into classes. The first time a new student completes a registration transaction, the Refund Selection Kit mailing process is started. The Refund Selection Kit is mailed by BankMobile to the mailing address listed on the student's Cuesta records at the time of registration. It will arrive in a bright green envelope and will include all of the information necessary to log in to the BankMobile website and select a refund preference. Students should allow 14 business days from the date of their first registration transaction for delivery of their Refund Selection Kit.

For timely delivery of the Refund Selection Kit, students should review and/or update their mailing address prior to registering. Students may do this when registering for the first time by following the instructions found on the Pre-Registration Questionnaire through the myCuesta Register (Add/Drop Classes) link. Refund Selection Kits will not be forwarded if the address on record with BankMobile is not current. The college is not responsible for updating addresses changed after the initial registration activated BankMobile process. Students may also update their address by following the Updating Your Address in myCuesta instructions. If the kit is not received in the timeframe described, students should check their personal myCuesta email for an automated message from BankMobile. This message will provide a Personal Code along with instructions on how to securely make a refund selection through the BankMobile website. Students should check both their myCuesta email Inbox AND/OR their SPAM folder when looking for an email from

Students should carefully read the BankMobile Refund Selection Kit information provided in order to choose the best payment option. Options include electronic deposit to another account, electronic transfer to a BankMobile Vibe account or a paper check delivered by USPS. View the BankMobile Fee Schedules for more information about BankMobile Vibe services and fees. Please note: if a paper check option is selected, students are responsible for keeping their addresses up-to-date with BankMobile.

*Registration fees for dropped classes are not automatically refunded. See Registration Fee Refund for more information.