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What is myCuesta Pathway?

myCuesta Pathway is a web-based, degree-auditing and tracking tool which enables students and counselors to evaluate academic progress towards graduation and major/program requirements. This tool uses Cuesta College coursework only (does not use outside coursework) which allows students to quickly and easily identify which requirements have been satisfied, and which requirements are outstanding.

In addition, myCuesta Pathway can be used to perform a What If analysis to determine how current coursework on a student transcript would be used if a different major was selected.

How myCuesta Pathway Benefits Students

  • Supports real time delivery of progress towards degree completion
  • Easily determines which courses have been taken, which count as electives, and what's outstanding to complete a degree
  • Online environment reduces paperwork and manual degree checklists
  • Confirms your academic standing
  • What If feature shows students how progress towards degree completion changes if they change majors

How myCuesta Pathway Benefits Counselors

  • Supports real time delivery of academic advice through intuitive web interfaces
  • Minimizes errors through consistent degree plans
  • Reduces paperwork and manual program check sheets
  • Allows counselors to search for students by school, degree, and/or major to view degree progress

Important Note: myCuesta Pathway is designed to aid and facilitate academic advising, but is not intended to replace the valuable one-on-one sessions with academic counselors. myCuesta Pathway is neither an official academic transcript nor an official notification of completion of degree requirements.


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"I was working with a student who was testing out the Pathway. Her degree was near completion but she decided to look at a couple more degrees by using the What If feature. When she realized it was possible to obtain another degree, she had a million dollar smile on her face! This is what myCuesta Pathway is all about - helping students reach their academic goals!"
- Kristin Pimentel, Director of Admissions & Records