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Whether it is a cut or a cough, most people are not ashamed to call the doctor for an appointment to get it looked at and possibly take a prescription to treat an illness. In fact, if we don't get medical attention our loved ones may comment that we are not taking good care of ourselves. 

Health is about caring for the wellness of our whole being: body, mind, and soul. So, why might we hesitate to call a counselor to talk about stress, anxiety, depression, substance use, or to help us heal our emotional wounds or broken relationships?

Mental Health advocacy is needed to address the stigma around accessing Mental Health services because not everyone has mental illness, but we all have mental health. Seeking a counselor to help us when we need support and guidance is a healthy and positive strategy for life long personal development and emotional balance.

Join the Active Minds Cuesta College Chapter and help change the conversation about mental health through events and activities that bring resource and social awareness to the college community. Please contact Erica Garcia for more information.

Mental Health Education:

Kognito At-Risk-Interactive Online Training
Click here for more information and a free enrollment key!

Mental Health First Aid
Free 12 hour Mental Health First Aid Training
Contact: Transitions Mental Health (TMHA) (805) 540-6500

Family to Family
Free training for families and/or support persons with a mentally ill loved one.
Contact: Transitions Mental Health (TMHA) (805) 540-6500