Student Success Workshop DVDs

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Starting Out Strong: Five Habits for College Success

Cheryl Ziehl

Effective Textbook Study Strategies

Paula Robinson

Maximizing Your Memory

Mary Hastings

Minimizing Procrastination

Berta Parrish

Surviving the Crunch: Preparing for Final Exams                 

Berta Parrish

Making Good Impressions in College and Beyond

Gary Rubin

Reducing Test Anxiety                 

Berta Parrish

Choosing a Major

Katchy Andrews

To Eat or Not to Eat: Budgeting 101                 

Annette Ortiz

Studying Smarter Not Harder In Your Math Class

Peggy Wright

Are You Ready? Taking an Online Course

Kevin Bontenbal

Effective Communication & Boundary Setting in Relationships 

Tonya Hardiman