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Drop-In Tutoring Services


  1. Please sign-in. You are required to sign-in on the computer each time you receive help (even if same day). This allows tracking of center usage and generates funding to help us help students!
  2. Bring your resources: textbooks, notes, calculators, pencils, prompts, study guides, etc. Students are responsible for providing the resources required to complete assignments and tutors have limited access to textbooks as reference materials only – textbooks are not available for lending.
  3. Bring your assignment: hard copies of papers or prompts. Tutors can help you best when they too are clear on the question or assignment.
  4. Prepare specific questions. The more prepared students are the more focused, productive and efficient tutoring time is.
  5. Allow sufficient time. Tutors must circulate to ensure all students receive assistance, so they will help a student with one question and then move to the next student. During peak times allow plenty of time to get the amount of assistance needed.
  6. Respect and uphold the Cuesta College Academic Honesty Policy.

How Academic Honesty Applies to Drop-In Tutoring:

  • Tutors will help you with homework and will not complete it for you.
  • Tutors will explain how to address or find information and resources to for a particular problem and will not complete take-home exam and quiz questions.
  • Tutors will answer specific questions as well as ask questions to model critical thinking to guide you and will not proofread/edit/correct a paper. Be prepared to make notes and corrections.
  1. Respect and uphold the Cuesta College Student Code of Conduct and contribute to a warm and welcoming academic environment for all students and staff.


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