About the Community

Since 1963, Cuesta College has served as the heart of the San Luis Obispo County Community College District on California’s scenic central coast. Located roughly between San Francisco and Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo County is a popular travel destination, boasting clean air, beautiful landscapes, vineyards, beaches, a blend of rural and suburban lifestyles and a community with highly rated schools and institutes of higher education.  https://visitslo.com/about-slo/moving-here/

For additional information about San Luis Obispo and the surrounding Communities, please see:

San Luis Obispo County:  www.slocounty.ca.gov

Arroyo Grande Chamber of Commerce:  www.aggbchamber.com

Atascadero Chamber of Commerce:  www.atascaderochamber.org

Cayucos Chamber of Commerce:  www.cayucoschamber.com

Los Osos Chamber of Commerce:  https://lobpchamber.org

Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce:  www.morrochamber.org

Nipomo Chamber of Commerce:  www.nipomochamber.org

Paso Robles Chamber of Commerce:  https://www.pasorobleschamber.com

Pismo Beach Chamber of Commerce:  www.pismochamber.com

San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce:   https://slochamber.org

Templeton Chamber of Commerce:  www.templetonchamber.com

County Office of Education:  https://www.slocoe.org/

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