Cuesta College Students,
As of today, March 13, 2020, we continue to have zero confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) in San Luis Obispo County.

That being said, we realize that COVID-19 concerns require a proactive approach to help mitigate “community spread” and to maintain health and safety. 

As your health and safety are our highest priority, Cuesta College is taking appropriate measures and will continue to follow the expert guidance of the California Department of Public Health and San Luis Obispo County Department of Public Health. 

To this end, Cuesta College, with support of our faculty leaders, will be transitioning all face-to-face instruction to remote methods for the remainder of the spring 2020 semester. This transition will utilize the Canvas online platform. 

The timeline below communicates Cuesta College’s transition plan at this time.   

Transition Timeline

Friday, March 13: All classes, including face-to-face, will meet as regularly scheduled. Some professors may begin the transition to remote instruction as early as Monday, March 16th. Your professor will contact you if this applies to your class. Faculty may hold office hours online.

Date March 16-18: Face-to-face classes will be cancelled. During this time, Cuesta College will provide training opportunities for students to learn how to effectively use the Canvas online platform.

Date March 19: Lecture classes will meet remotely. Lab and activity classes determined unsuitable for remote delivery will continue to be delivered face-to-face in their regularly scheduled location/time. 

Graduation Ceremonies: Graduation ceremonies are being evaluated for health and safety considerations. At this time, no determination has been made regarding graduation. We will communicate with students as decisions are made. 

Campus Services (San Luis Obispo and North County Campus): Student Support Services will remain open on our campuses as well as online:

Student Support Services

Academic Support (Student Success Center, Math Lab, Stats Lab)
SLO: (805) 546-3150, Bld. 3300
NCC: (805) 591-6245, Bld. N3100

Admissions & Records
SLO: (805) 546-3140, Bld. 3100
NCC:(805) 591-6225, Campus Ctr.
CaFE Centers (CalWORKs, EOPS, Foster Youth)
SLO: (805) 384-6233, Room 3142
NCC: (805) 591-6304, Bld. N1100
Canvas Training
SLO: Student Success Center, Bld. 3300
NCC: Bld. N3100
Counseling (General) Remotely via Zoom or phone.
SLO: Please call (805) 546-3138 to schedule an appointment
NCC: Please call (805) 591-6241 to schedule an appointment

SLO: (805) 546-3148, Bld. 3100
NCC: (805) 591-6215, Room N3121

Financial Aid
SLO: (805) 546-3143, Rm. 3126
NCC: (805) 591-6202, Bld. N1100
International Students
SLO: (805) 546-3100 x2130, Bld. 3100

Monarch Center
SLO: (805)546-3100 x2182, Bld. 3300
NCC: (805)591.6200 x4452, Campus Ctr.
Student Health Services
SLO: (805) 546-3171, Room 3150
NCC: (805) 591-6200 x4207, Room 1013

Technical Assistance
SLO: (805) 546.3955, Bld. 3100
NCC: (805) 591-6370, Room N1100
Veterans Services
SLO: (805) 546-3142, Room 3174
NCC: (805) 591-6242, Room N1008
What You Should Do Now

Now is the time to consider your own readiness for participating in online classes. Some factors to consider:

Canvas is the Learning Management System (LMS) at Cuesta College, used to engage with your peers, instructor and learning content. We have a resources and a self-paced tutorial available for your success. This tutorial will assist you by offering helpful tips and resources to make your online experience successful. Please join the class today and get started, click the link below to access the course, then log in using your MyCuesta credentials, accept the terms of use (if prompted), then click "Enroll in Course" in the upper right hand corner, then click "Go to Course" to get started.
Course link:

Getting Started with Canvas

If you need assistance please make sure to reach out to Tech Support at When emailing make sure you include your course number, teacher name, identify the issue or link to the page or resource.

Available technology – We recognize that not all students have ready access to the technology needed (including computers and high-speed internet access) to participate in online classes. We are asking faculty and staff to be as flexible as possible during these circumstances. Remember that, in most cases, you can access all the tools necessary to take online classes (including Canvas) on your smartphone or mobile device. Cuesta College Libraries and Student Success Centers will remain open with computer access and training available for those students requiring additional support. 
For further information and updates, please visit:

Unless otherwise noted, this plan will remain in effect through the end of the Spring 2020 semester. Thank you for your continued cooperation and patience as we work through this unprecedented event. Please direct any further questions to your professor.