Cuesta College Cougars,

Given the increase in COVID cases in San Luis Obispo and the State’s travel advisory, we will have the following rules/expectations for face-to-face classes after Thanksgiving:

  • Any student who travels outside the State of California must quarantine for 14 days upon return. Negative COVID tests do not allow this quarantine to be shortened.
    • Since 14 days will extend all the way to Finals Week, a student may be best suited “staying home” after Thanksgiving if all of their Finals are online.
    • Thinking about the start of the Spring semester, we don’t know how long the travel advisory for out-of-state travel will be in effect. Those students should probably plan on a 14-day quarantine upon their return.
  • Students who travel outside the County over Thanksgiving should schedule a COVID test upon their return. This test should be considered an additional precaution; people who get tested voluntarily are not required to wait for the results before participating in face-to-face classes.
    • Anyone who believes they were exposed to someone with COVID over Thanksgiving must seek testing and wait for a negative result before returning to participation.