Beginning in the Fall of 2018, students will have the opportunity to pursue a Culinary Arts Certificate of Specialization at Cuesta College. The career technical education program will combine academic and lab training with real life experience in the field of culinary arts. Taught in a professional kitchen at the California Conservation Corps in San Luis Obispo, the certificate consists of four courses that can be completed within one semester.

“Numerous opportunities are now available to students interested in culinary – this new set of courses meet the requirements for entry level employment, offer food safety certification, are transferable to the Cal State Universities, provide lifelong learning skills, as well as consumer and industry-applicable skills,” said Cuesta College Nutrition Instructor Cherie Moore. “The culinary arts field has a large, growing job market and this certificate will provide a career advantage for job seekers in San Luis Obispo County and beyond.”

The Culinary Arts Certificate of Specialization is being launched in partnership with the California Conservation Corps, whose students will also have an opportunity to pursue the certification.

“This kind of educational partnership is just what the California Conservation Corps continuously seeks out,” said CA Conservation Corps Los Padres District Director Genevie Agustinez. “It bolsters the industry recognized culinary training and skillsets offered and can help transform the lives of thousands of California’s young men and women by giving them access to meaningful careers.”

The Culinary Arts Program consists of the following four courses: Nutrition 213: Food Safety and Sanitation with ServSafe Certification, Culinary Arts 210: Fundamentals I, Culinary Arts 220: Fundamentals II, and Culinary Arts 125: Baking Science I. “There are no course prerequisites for the Culinary Arts Certificate of Specialization, allowing students to easily customize their course sequence to work with their schedules,” said Moore. The curriculum provides students with knife skills and hands-on preparation of stocks, sauces, soups, legumes, meats, grains, vegetables, fruits, breads, pastries, and breakfast cookery, including allergen-free and plant-based models.

According to Moore, Cuesta College is in the process of creating additional culinary and hospitality courses, certificates, and degrees.

Fall 2018 registration is currently open; courses begin August 13. For questions regarding the Culinary Arts Certificate of Specialization, please call (805) 546-3263.

*Photo caption: Cuesta College Nutrition Instructor Cherie Moore (right) stands with CA Conservation Corps Los Padres District Director Genevie Agustinez (left) in the CCC kitchen where the new culinary courses will be taught.