The Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) is the college's plan for handling major emergencies and disasters.  This plan is based on a realistic approach to the problems likely to be encountered and is based upon the following assumptions:

  • A major emergency or disaster may occur at any time of the day or night, weekend or holidays, with little or no warning.
  • Since events in a major emergency or disaster are not predictable, published emergency plans will serve as a guide.  It may be necessary to make modifications from time to time to meet the requirements for specific emergencies.
  • Major emergencies or disasters may affect widespread areas; therefore, city, county, and federal emergency services may not be available.  The college could expect a delay in receiving off-campus emergency help.


The goals of the plan are to protect lives and property, and to restore instruction as soon as possible, after a major emergency disaster.

Medical Emergencies and First Aid
In case of a life threatening injury or illness, call 911 first to summon emergency responders.

If calling from a campus phone, dial 9-911.  Then immediately notify Campus Police at 3911.

In all other non-life threatening injuries or illnesses, call:

San Luis Obispo Campus
Campus Police            Ext. 3911 (Emergency) or 805-546-3205
Health Center              Ext. 3171 or 805-546-3171

North County Campus
Public Safety               Ext. 4911 (Emergency) or 805-591-6205
Health Center              Ext. 4207 or 805-591-4201

When Calling Campus Police